Australian Labradoodle:  Clever, Sociable, and Joyful!


The Australian Labradoodle, originated in Australia during the 1980s. Australian clubs aim to create a new breed combining the finest qualities parent breeds.


The Australian Labradoodle are good with kids, trainable, sociable, and joyful, needs firm leadership, mental/physical exercise and they Non-aggressive and friendly.

Height, Weight

Standard Australian Labradoodle measures 22-24 inches in height and weighs 45-60 pounds for females and 55-77 pounds for males. 

Health Problem

- HD - PRA - VonWilabrands - Elbow and patella disorders.

Living Condition

The Australian Labradoodle is suitable for apartments with sufficient exercise. It is moderately active indoors and benefits from an average-sized yard.


Australian Labradoodles Curly-coated require regular grooming every two weeks and occasional trims to maintain their tidy appearance.

Life Expectancy

The average lifespan of the Australian Labradoodle may be approximately 13-15 years.

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