Do You Know These Facts About Rabbits?

Do You Know These Facts About Rabbits?

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Rabbits remain one of the nation’s favourite and amazing animals. But they're also one of the most misunderstood pet.

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They masters of hearing

Most rabbits can actually turn their ears 180 degrees. This rotation can pinpoint the exact location of a sound.


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A single bunny is lonely

Rabbits are social especially male-female pairs, preventing loneliness and depression when companionship lacks.


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Their eyesight isn't bad

Rabbits have almost 360 degree vision, but they are born with their eyes shut.


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They can live long

Consider caring commitment for rabbits' 8-12 year lifespan before getting them as pets.


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They're very clean

Watching rabbits clean by bringing ears over their faces is adorably cute animal behavior and quite delightfull.


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overgrown teeth issues

Preventable overgrown teeth issues arise offen in rabbit.Right diet and grass ensures rabbits' dental health and avoids problems.


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Need space for health

Limited space for young rabbits stop bone development and increasing fracture risk. 


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They binky in joy

Binkying in rabbits is evident by joyful jumps, twists, and feet-kicking—a clear expression of happiness.