Tips for Success: How To Litter Train A Kitten

Stimulate newborns, introduce litter box at 3 weeks, be patient, stimulate until confident in regular litter box usage

Introduce Litter at the Right Time

Choose safe litter for kittens, avoiding fragrances, harsh chemicals, and clumping. Opt for natural, pellet-based litter until they're older.

Choose a Litter That is Kitten-Safe

Use shallow, open-top litter box for kittens. Remove obstacles like tall or covered boxes. Consider cardboard tray for young kittens.

Choose the Right Box for kitten

Place litter box in clean corner, use puppy pad for easy clean-up. Keep kittens near box, limit messy areas. Offer multiple options in larger spaces.

Choose the Right Placement of Litter Box

Praise correct litter box use. Clean accidents promptly. Keep bedding off floor. Add litter box in frequent accident spot. Which Attract Kitetn.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Clean litter box daily for a pleasant experience. Cats prefer cleanliness too. Good habits form with a tidy toilet.

Keep Litter Box Clean