5 Essential things for Dog in Rainy Day Walking

5 Essential things for Dog in Rainy Day Walking

Dogs require daily exercise indoors exercise is not sufficient.  High-energy dogs need outdoor hikes in Rainy season demands 5 essentials for dog walks.

Select a collar with reflective properties

In rainy seasons, poor visibility for drivers raises risks. Use reflective dog collar and leash to enhance visibility, preventing accidents.

Choose a route with lighter traffic

Rainy season creates puddles, potential splashes from passing cars. Opt for peaceful routes to ease discomfort for noise-sensitive dogs. Enjoy walks!

Opt for a secure Harness

The Safe & Sound Harness eases walking stress by mimicking a real heartbeat on your dog's chest, ideal for rainy walks.

Wash and Dry your Pet

Amid rainy season, clean dogs after walks to prevent germs. Post-stroll rinse warms and protects, using moisturizing shampoo avoids dry skin.

Keep Towel Ready at House

Keep dry towels ready and designate a shaking area for rainy strolls. Prevent indoor mess by protecting furniture and carpets.