10 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Pug

10 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Pug

Pugs Are Royalty

Pugs were initially bred as Chinese emperor's companions, later becoming favorites among ruling families in the Netherlands, England, and France.


Get a Lint Roller

Pugs shed heavily with double coats. Prepare with lint rollers, a good vacuum cleaner, and learn shedding management tips.


Pug Like Velcro

Velcro pugs adore human company, seeking closeness everywhere. Expect constant companionship, no personal space, and their affectionate nature always by your side.


Pug Feeling Hot

Pugs, like flat-faced breeds, face breathing problems and struggle in hot or humid climates. Provide a cozy space indoors and keep them cool.


Add vet to contact

Pugs need regular vet check-ups and grooming due to potential health issues like eye problems and breathing difficulties.


They’re Never Full

Pugs love food and easily gain weight. Ensure exercise, a balanced diet, and moderate treats to prevent obesity.


They’re Stubborn

Pugs are persistent in getting what they desire - food, attention, or more food. Expect some resistance, use positive training.


They’re Versatile

Pugs are the ideal pet because they’re so versatile. They’re great with old folks or children, in the city or country, as a solo pet or in a pack, or in an apartment or a house.


Pug Symphony

Pugs wheeze, snort, and snore, creating funny sounds day and night. Earplugs might help if sensitive to noise.


No regrets

Pugs bring endless joy, laughter, and love. With their charming personalities and family-friendly nature, they make perfect companions. No regrets.