top 8 cheapest Cat Breeds (With Pictures)

Domestic Shorthair

$0-$200: These cats are widely available at animal shelters and rescue organizations, making them one of the cheapest cat breeds.


$200-$600: Siamese cats are a popular and relatively affordable purebred cat breed.


$300-$600: This tailless cat breed is known for its easy-going personality and relatively low price.

American Shorthair

$500-$700: These cats are a friendly and popular breed that is generally affordable.


$500-$700: This sleek and affectionate breed is often less expensive than other purebred cats.

Oriental Shorthair

$500-$800: This breed is known for its unique appearance and playful personality.


$800-$1,200: While still somewhat expensive, the hairless Sphynx breed can be found at a more affordable price than some other purebred cats.

Devon Rex

$800-$1,500: This curly-haired breed has a distinctive appearance.