11 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day

Make or buy quality homemade treats

Experiment with a homemade dog treat or cupcake recipe topped with dog-friendly, sugar-free yogurt frosting. Or buy them high-quality treats for rewards and happiness.

Buy Them a New Toy

New toys engage dogs, preventing divided attention. Swap worn toys to avoid hazards. Toys boost mental and physical agility.

Set off on a journey

Discover with your dog to a walk, hike, visit parks. New places, dogs enrich senses, strengthen bonds through exploration.

New Training Classes

Enroll in training for obedience or fun activities like agility. Classes provide lifelong skills, a gift that keeps giving.

Pamper Your Pet

Pamper your pup with a spa day—grooming, treats for refreshment. Upgrade collar and leash for safety and style.

Arrange Doggy Playdates

Arrange a playdate for your dog and friends. Socializing in a yard or park builds confidence and joyfully enriches them.

Refresh pet tags and microchip info

Verify collar tag and microchip with up to date data, Safety assurance brings peace of mind.

Capture Memories

Organize a photoshoot, professional or DIY, to capture lasting memories with your furry companion.

Give, help, or foster

No dog? No problem. Donate, volunteer, or foster at a shelter. Bringing joy and care to pups is fulfilling.

Adopt a Companion

What a way to celebrate than adopting a shelter dog? Giving a needy dog a loving forever home embodies the occasion's spirit.

Remember Lost Pets

Remember your lost dog and donate, sponsor an adoption, or buy a memorial gift to honor their memory and support animals.