10 Ways to Keep Your Cat Healthy, According to a Vet

1. Brush Your Cat Every Day

Regularly brush or comb your cat to reduce hairballs, prevent mats, and build a positive association by doing it before meals.

2. Don’t Feed Your Cat Too Much Dry Food

Cats are obligate carnivores relying on meat. Avoid excess dry food, as cats may develop diabetes and obesity.

3. Pay Attention to Your Cat's Thirst

Cats need water from food. Fresh water is crucial. while Dehydration risks include age and health conditions for cat.

4. Provide a Sufficient Number of Litter Boxes

Provide one litter box per cat plus an extra. Place boxes thoughtfully, considering cats' comfort and visibility. 

5. Don’t Assume Why Cat Is Pee Outside Box

Cat avoiding litter box? Rule out illness with vet visit. Experiment with litter type. Keep box clean, consider location changes.

6. Train Your Cat to Use a Scratching Post

Prevent furniture damage by Train cat to scratch post. Place it centrally, use catnip initially. Later, move gradually to less-busy area.

7. Spay or Neuter Your Cat

Spay/neuter vital for cat well-being. Prevent discomfort, fights, diseases, stress, and overpopulation. Opt for responsible care.

8. Travel Safely With Your Cat

Restrain cat in car for safety. Use carrier. Never leave in parked car. Protect from discomfort, danger, and heat.

9. Choose a Cat-Friendly Vet

Choose vet with separate cat and dog waiting areas. If not, request prompt exam room entry. Seek cat-focused vets to avoid stress.

10. Let Them Show Off!

Embrace cat's love gestures by accept hunting gifts, bunting, purring, kneading. Enjoy the affectionate moments.

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