The Fascinating Reasons Behind Why Do Cats Lick Each Other

Cats lick each other to communicate relationships and strengthen social bonds within their group, it is a sign of  closeness among cats.


Cats lick each other to display bonds of respect and friendship. This social grooming helps establish non-threatening connections.


In big cat groups, licking indicates dominance of the group. Domestic cats may follow it but not all cats engage in this behavior.

Showing Dominance

Mother cats instinctively lick their kittens cat from birth, ensuring their cleanliness and stimulating their elimination. ilicking can strong their bond.

Mothers and Kittens

Cats lick each other to establish acceptance and belonging within their territory or family.


Cats may groom each other to help reach inaccessible body parts, like beneath the chin, where self-grooming is challenging.

Cleaning Assistance