Curious About Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Curious About Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Diet Deficiency

Prevent diet deficiencies in dogs by providing a balanced diet. If grass consumption persists, consult your vet about potential food switches.

Need for Fiber

Dogs eating grass may signal  need for additional fiber to support digestion and GI system regulation. Explore higher-fiber food options for potential relief.


Eating grass can be instinctual for dogs, even with a balanced diet. Their digestive systems and cravings have adapted to their domesticated lifestyle.


Dogs eating grass when their stomach is empty may indicate discomfort caused by bile. Grass consumption may help release the bile and alleviate the discomfort.


Dogs eating grass in a fenced yard may indicate boredom and a longing for companionship. Grass consumption can be a form of stimulation when left alone.

Tasty Treat

Dogs may eat grass simply because they enjoy the taste, texture, or fragrance, especially during spring or when they're thirsty.