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We all have heard the story where the frog turns into the charming prince. I am not sure if it’s true or not, but one thing is for sure that frogs can be turned into charming pets. All those who wish for this cute little greenish pet, keep reading to know about them, what do frogs eat, and lots more about them.

When I was a kid, I was fascinated by the frogs, I used to chase them and monsoon was my favorite season because of them. Their croaking sound and cute face drew me towards them and I was very sure that when I grew up I would definitely make frog as my pet.

Although they are not good at welcoming you when you knock on the door, they don’t demand daily walk, they don’t need attention all the time, they won’t bark at you, they are cute amphibians who just need tons of love and little maintenance. My curiosity for them landed me into the world of frogs (not practically but through research!).

General Food Instructions for Food Menu

Frogs are not like any common pet. They are a predator who can’t eat pre-packed food as they can eat anything that comes their way. They can eat grasshoppers, cockroaches, flies, butterflies, or anything that comes in their mouth. Each species of frog have different nutritional guidelines, but pet frog will eat a mix of the following:

what do frogs eat

Caterpillars or Worms

These are easily available at the pet shop and while purchasing them make sure to buy one that perfectly fits in their mouth.


Crickets are related to the close member of Gryllidae and a distant member of grasshoppers. This diet helps in developing a strong backbone of frogs plus they are very healthy and easily available.

Mealworms and Waxworms

The next item on the menu is mealworms and waxworms. They are easily available in the pet store or you can find them at the bait stores.

Grasshoppers and Locusts

Grasshoppers and locusts are other tastiest menu items for a frog food chart. But the main problem is that it is rarely available in the pet store. You can find them in abundant quantities in the monsoon season.

Blackworms, Bloodworms, and Brine Shrimp

They remain the main diet of this amphibian creature and they are also easily available in the pet store.


Mice is an important part of the nutritional chart of the large species of frogs. During the growing year, you can feed them with newborn mice or pinkies as they are available in a frozen or live state. But most frogs deny frozen one in their platter. Adult frogs love adult mice as well as fuzzies.

Beverage, please!

Just like us they also need water, but their drinking style is very different from us and other mammals. Tap water is great for them until it is free from chlorine. They don’t sip water from their mouths, they drink absorb water through osmosis. Dark skin patches on their abdomen help them to absorb water.

How Much to Feed?

The answer to this question depends on your frog’s species, age, and activities they perform in a day. Just like human overfeeding leads to obesity in the frog as well. With the below guidelines you can find out the answer to your question

  • Young frogs (age not more than 16 weeks) and high energy frogs: Young frogs and high energy frogs need to feed once or twice in a day. Young frogs are in their growing state and it is the reason why they need frequent access to the food. You can leave a bit of veggies or fruits in the tanks to give access to food whenever they want.
  • Medium energy frogs: They should be fed between one or every third day and each meal should consist of five crickets. While feeding them make sure not to overfeed or underfeed them for the proper growth and better lifespan.
  • Large frogs: They should not be fed very much. If your large frog loves large mouse then their feeding frequency lies somewhere between once a week to once every fortnight.

#Fact: They need less food in the winter

Ideal Frogs as a Pet for Beginners

All frogs do not make an ideal pet, as a beginner, you can choose from the following types of frogs. Before buying one, make sure to do all the homework to keep it healthy and happy. And yeah, mine is a dwarf frog.

Dwarf Frogs

what do frogs eat


Scientific NameHymenochirus, Hymenochirus boettgeri
Life Expectancy5 years
SizeAn adult can be between 1 to 1 1/2 inches
Common NameZaire clawed frog, Dwarf clawed frog

Their light brownish-gray skin color with the dark spots on it make them ideal as a pet. Just as their name indicates they are small in size but very much active and like to hide spots is their distinct feature. They can be kept with the group of fish in the clear water tank. The ideal temperature for this species is 75–80 F (24–27 C).

American Green Tree Frogs

what do frogs eat


Scientific NameHyla cinerea
Life Expectancy2 to 5 years
SizeUp to 2 1/2 inches long
Common NameAmerican green tree frog

As the name suggests, they are green in color with the light stripe from the head to the flanks. They are medium in size and easy to handle even for a novice. They are timid in nature and hate to stay in the handled wall but with practice, they can be adjusted. Keep them in a tall tank to prevent them from escaping.

#Fact American green tree frog eat more in summer and spring

White’s Tree Frog

what do frogs eat


Scientific NameLitoria caerulea
Life ExpectancyUpto 15 years & in rare case upto 20 years
Size4 to 5 inches long
Common Namedumpy tree frog, white’s tree frog

What if I say White’s tree frog has a gorgeous smile? Yes, it is very true plus facial expressions can melt anybody’s heart. Not only smile, but they are also very obedient, tolerant handlers and a bit timid too. Keep them in a tall tank and make sure to provide bark, branches to keep them sturdy. Make sure to cover the top of the tank as they are great jumpers and chances of escape get high.

#Fact: White’s tree frog has a smiling face

Pacman Frog

what do frogs eat


Scientific NameCeratophrys ornata
Life Expectancybetween 7 and 10 years
Size6 inches long
Common NamePac-man frog, South American horned frog

Pacman is a very funny name inspired by the animated character of the PacMan arcade game as they are round in size with a huge mouth. This native of South America is actually a poor swimmer but loves to eat anything on its way. They are very docile but sometimes they can bite if they feel any threat around. You can buy a small tank for them as they are inactive, which prevents them from escaping. Make sure to house this cute frog all alone as often they try to eat their cage mates.

#Fact: Pacman refuse food only in a state of illness

African Clawed Frog

what do frogs eat


Scientific NameXenopus laevis
Life Expectancy20 to 30 years
Size4 to 5 inches long
Common NameAfrican clawed frog

If you wish for a pet who is easy to care for and do not ask for high maintenance then African clawed frog should be your choice. They are adaptors who can survive in cold weather and widely used in laboratory tests. A ten-gallon would be an ideal tank for frog and they do not require land.

#Fact: Metal ions have a toxic effect on African clawed frog

Oriental Fire Bellied Toads

what do frogs eat


Scientific NameBombina Orientalis
Life Expectancy10 to 15 years
Size2 inches long
Common NameOriental fire-bellied toads

Oriental Fire Bellied Toads is not a load but a frog. This colorful frog is beautiful and demands less care but a fair amount of maintenance. Regular cleaning of water is required to avoid building toxicity inside the tank. An adult member of the family requires to eat two to three times per week.

#Fact: when Oriental Fire Bellied Toad faces sense danger, it flashes warning spots on the belly.

what do frogs eat


What do you think about these frogs as pets and their food? It is always advisable to read and do homework about the frog breed you want. For all pet relating tips and advice,

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