When Cats Go Missing

Cats are special creatures. Any cat owner or cat lover knows this to be true, as all cats are unique. Complete with their personality traits, quirks, habits, and idiosyncrasies, much like we humans. But many are not aware that basically all domesticated house cats come from a common ancestor known as Felis Silvestris Lybica. Let’s see When Cats Go Missing to you.

Which dates back as early as the Neolithic period of the Near East, though also commonly found in the Classical period of ancient Egypt. Known for their fierce independence and insatiable curiosity, cats are adventurous little mammals who tend to find their way into trouble sometimes. All the same, cats sometimes do get lost on their adventures.

When Cats Go Missing

When a cat hasn’t returned home, many people wonder how to find a lost cat. Though there are several techniques, a few may prove more effective than others.

How Long is too Long?

Many cat owners won’t immediately fret if their pet has gone missing for a day, or even for a couple of days. This is because it is quite common for cats. To explore their environment and in doing so, may travel quite far from home. Most cat owners reassure themselves by knowing that a cat is resourceful and opportunistic. They have instincts that allow them to be successful, stealthy hunters, and can find water when they need it.

If your cat has been gone longer than a full week, then it is probably time to begin the search. Though cats have been known to leave home and return after a couple of weeks or even a month or so of being absent, it is good practice to begin searching after no sign of your cat for more than five days.

Common Reasons a Cat is Missing

There aren’t a set standard of reasons as to why a cat leaves home or where it goes, but a few common issues have arisen in the past:


If your cat hasn’t been spayed or neutered, it’s most likely going to cause you many years’ worth of problems if you don’t take the necessary steps. Male cats will venture off toward the sound of a female cat’s call when in heat, and may not return.


Often, cats get stuck in places that they can’t find their way out of. It sometimes happens when they choose to explore an open garage. You may close the garage door for a length of time, and the cat is trapped inside. You would start wondering how to find a lost cat, when it may just be next door.


Though we may never want to think this to be the case, sometimes a cat may be severely injured and unable to walk. If this is the case, a cat typically will tend to its wounds and wait until they can walk, then eventually find its way home. It is quite common after a catfight.

When Cats Go Missing

Seeking Help

When any pet owner finds that their beloved companion has gone missing, it can cause severe anxiety.

Thankfully there are several options available, including pet detectives that will help find your cat. Though these services may not be locally available, some pet detectives are so successful that they will travel to you to help find your lost pet. Consider these services if all else fails when your cat hasn’t found its way home in a timely fashion.

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