Why does My Dog Sleep so much

Dogs, the favorite pet of many people is no doubt the Most Loyal Animal on This Planet. We love dogs and love to have them as our pets. People love to play, laugh, and have fun with their pet dogs. But not when the dogs are asleep always. Many dogs love to sleep throughout the day. No matter it is day or night, dogs are always busy sleeping. Many pet dog owners have asked us Why do Dogs Sleep so much? So today, we have brought this post to discuss the reasons with you.

Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much?

Why do Dogs Sleep so much

It is normal for dogs to sleep 50% time of their day. They are resting 30% time of their day. The unfortunate part is that they are active only for 20% time of day.

Most of the carnivores follow this type of schedule only. Lions are active for the day for only 6 hours, rest 18 hours, they are either asleep or are resting. Here Check out these Dog Beds to sleep them well.

It is pretty obvious that if you don’t have any activity then you will like to sleep too much. The same is the case with dogs as well. When they don’t have any activity to do, they will fall asleep.

Why do Dogs Sleep so much

We can remain active with our smartphones, laptops, books, work, and other means but dogs can’t so they find the best way to spend the tedious hours by going to sleep and resting. There are a variety of factors on which The Sleeping Time of Your Dog is based on. It is seen that older dogs and puppies sleep more. Sick and overweight dogs also sleep more than healthy ones.

Long-time sleep may occur due to some problem. The problem can be physical or mental as well. Humans tend to sleep longer when they are suffering from depression or stress. The same might be the case with dogs as well.

You should get the checkup done on your dog from a good doctor if you feel that it has started sleeping more suddenly. Sleeping time of 12 or more hours per day for a dog is normal in most cases but you should consult a doctor if you find some signs of the potential danger for your dog.

Why do Dogs Sleep so much

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To make your dog active once again, you should spend some time playing with it. Spending some fun time with them will make them happy and cheerful once again.

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