German Shepherd Lab Mix: Everything you need to know


Height: 20–27 inches Weight: 50–85 pounds Shedding: High Coat Colors: Tan, black, chocolate Personality: Loyal, loving, protective Lifespan: 10 to 12 years


● They have medium length thick fur  which requires brushing at least  thrice a week. ● Use a comb, brush, or vacuum  cleaner to clean their fur.


● Easy-to-train and adventurous ● suitable for experienced owners.  ● These dogs quickly learn things and  tricks with simple techniques like  command and reward strategies. 


● Requires at least a 1-hour walk  along with playtime. ● Give your pup 30 minutes of  playtime with toys and games  such as fetch games, puzzle  games, and hide-and-seek for  mental stimulation.

Diet & Nutrition

●  Food with high protein. ● Apart from this, you can also add  chicken, beef, or fish for healthy fats  and muscle-building proteins.  ● Avoid food with artificial ingredients

Health Problems

●  hip dysplasia ● elbow dysplasia ●  eye problems

Fun Facts 

●  They have a dense double-layer coat, so they don’t like being in the sun.  ● These dogs like to chew things. This means anything ● They make great guard dogs and watchdogs.