German Shepherd Lab Mix

Are you looking for a dog that behaves well around your kids and protects your family? If yes, German Shepherd Lab Mix will be a great dog breed for you!

Today, Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherds come under the most recognizable dog breeds in the world. So, what is a lab and German Shepherd mix called? The German Shepherd Lab Mix, more commonly known as the Sheprador is a blend between these two breeds.

The lab German shepherd mix is brave, courageous, and extremely loyal. These are active, playful, and energetic dogs who like to spend quality time with their owners.

Are you fascinated by this dog breed and want to know more about it? Keep reading!

Let’s begin.

1. German Shepherd Lab Mix: Overview

german shepherd lab mix Overview

So, what is a German Shepherd Lab Mix?

The German Shepherd Labrador mix, also known as the Lab German Shepherd Mix or Sheprador or German Sheprador or Labrashepherd, is a hybrid breed. This is a result of cross-breeding two pure breeds: German Shepherd and Labrador.

  • The German Shepherd Lab Mix size is quite similar to their parent breeds, with few new physical characteristics.
  • These canines have coarse, straight double coats, triangular, floppy ears, and fluffy tails.
  • You can easily get the one you like the most as they’re available in several coat colors.
  • When it comes to their behavior and temperament, the Lab German Shepherd Mix inherits similar traits as their parents.

Here is the overview table of the German Shepherd Lab mix puppy:

German Shepherd Lab Mix

Breed Name /Group: Hybrid

Height: 20–27 inches (Male : 22–26 inches) (Female : 20–24 inches)

Weight: 50–85 pounds (Male : 75–88 pounds) (Female : 70–80 pounds)

Lifespan: 10 to 12 years of age

Coat: Dense, medium length

Color: Tan, black, chocolate, yellow, cream, mixed color

Temperament: Intelligent, loyal, and friendly

Needs for Grooming: Regular brushing, occasional baths, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and dental care.

Hypoallergenic: No

Origin: United States

To understand the German Shepherd Labrador mix in-depth, first we have to look into its parents’ breed.

2. German Shepherd Lab Mix: Parent Breeds

German Shepherd

german shepherd
  • German Shepherd or GSD is a protective and fearless working breed with origins in Germany in the late 1890s.
  • They have strong muscles and wolf-like features with tall and lean bodies.
  • These canines weigh between 50 and 90 pounds with a height of about 22 to 26 inches.
  • They’re good with kids, elders, and other animals; however, supervision is required.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever
  • Labrador retrievers are British dog breeds that are medium to large in size.
  • This breed was developed from fishing dogs in Newfoundland, and later in the 1830s, they were imported to the United Kingdom.
  • These canines are playful and friendly.
  • Labs weigh between 55 and 80 pounds with a height of about 21 to 24 inches.

3. German Shepherd Lab Mix: Origin

Origin of german shepherd lab mix
  • Around the 1980s, the lab German shepherd mix first got popular.
  • The parents’ breed has a long history.
  • The German shepherd dates back to 1899, while Labrador dates back to the 19th Century.
  • F1 generation German sheprador should be a mix of a purebred German shepherd and a purebred Labrador retriever.
  • And the F2 generation is a puppy resulting from two F1 German Shepherd Lab mixes.
  • German Shepradors are recognized by the International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR) and Dog Registry of America, Inc.

4. German Shepherd Lab Mix: Appearance

Appearance of german shepherd lab mix

So, what does a German Shepherd Lab mix look like?

  • Shepradors are large and athletic dogs with strong and muscular bodies.
  • These canines have short-to-medium-length, thick coats.
  • They’re available in various coat colors, such as tan, chocolate, yellow, cream, and mixed colors.
  • However, the black and tan mix and pure black lab German shepherd mix are more famous than other colors.
  • The body and ears of the lab and German shepherd mix resemble a Labrador retriever, and their muzzle and markings look similar to a German Shepherd.

Do German Shepherd Lab mix ears stand up?

It is a really fun thing to notice how their ears go up and down while you talk to them.

5. German Shepherd Lab Mix: Temperament

Temperament of german shepherd lab mix
  • Shepradors are highly active and energetic dogs who are always ready to protect their family in any situation.
  • These cuties don’t like to be alone in a room. So they might behave aggressively or have separation anxiety when left alone for several hours.
  • The German Shepherd Lab mix is also quite cautious and stays on alert mode around strangers, and sometimes they bark to alert their owners about the danger.
  • These large dogs aren’t suitable for apartment living because they need space to run around and play.
  • One of the best characteristics of this designer breed is that they behave well with children and other pets.

6. German Shepherd Lab Mix: Grooming

german shepherd lab mix Grooming
  • Whether you have a black lab German shepherd mix or a mixed-colored German shepherd lab mix puppy, you have to take care of them.
  • These canines have gorgeous thick fur of medium length.
  • So, these dogs require brushing at least thrice a week, and if your pup likes to play outdoors, they might need even more frequent brushing to prevent tangles and matting in the coat.
  • You can use a comb, brush, or vacuum cleaner to clean the fur.
  • Apart from this, you have to wash your beloved dog’s coat at least once every two months.
  • Clean the ears and teeth regularly.


German Shepherd Lab mixes are indoor dogs, so they need to live inside most of the time. This will help them to stay cool in the hot summer months.

7. German Shepherd Lab Mix: Training

german shepherd lab mix Training

The next question that comes to mind of many readers is how to train a German Shepherd Lab mix.

  • As their parents are strong-minded, intelligent, and active, these puppies also inherit pretty much the same things from them.
  • No worries, Shepradors are easy-to-train canines who are always up for adventures. Still, they’re suitable for experienced owners.
  • These dogs quickly learn things and tricks with simple techniques like command and reward strategies.
  • You can use this method with positive reinforcement to make them obedient and well-behaved.

8. German Shepherd Lab Mix: Exercise

Exercise Requirement of german shepherd lab mix

The German Shepherd Labrador mix needs both physical and mental exercise to stay happy and healthy!

  • Don’t worry about whether these canines can do this many things because they’re always filled with lots and lots of energy!
  • On average, the German sheprador requires at least a 1-hour walk along with playtime with you.
  • Give your pup 30 minutes of playtime with toys and games such as fetch games, puzzle games, and hide-and-seek for mental stimulation. This will make them extremely happy and satisfied.

9. German Shepherd Lab Mix: Diet & Nutrition

Diet & Nutrition Requirement of german shepherd lab mix

Find the best high-quality dog food for your German Shepherd Lab mix that is made specifically for its current age, size, and activity level.

  • You can buy food with high protein.
  • Apart from this, you can also add chicken, beef, or fish for healthy fats and muscle-building proteins.
  • AVOID food with artificial ingredients or unnecessary fillers.
  • When it’s about how much you should feed your Sheprador, you can consult a vet. They can make a proper diet plan for your pup according to its health.

10. German Shepherd Lab Mix: Lifespan

Lifespan of german shepherd lab mix

How long do German shepherd lab mix live?

The average life expectancy of a Labrashepherd is between 10 and 12 years.

However, a dog’s diet, health, and living conditions affect its lifespan. So, if you give your pup healthy food and a stress-free life, it will live its maximum life.

11. German Shepherd Lab Mix: Health Problems

Health Problems of german shepherd lab mix

Are Shepradors healthy breeds?

Overall, this hybrid breed is a healthy breed, but just like any other dog breed, it is also prone to a few health problems.

Here are some of the minor and major medical issues in Lab German Shepherd mix:

Sheprador Health Issues
Minor ConditionsSerious Conditions
Eye defectsCollapse during exerciseHot spotsEyelash disordersAbnormal eyelidCataractsHypothyroidismDegeneration of the image forming part of the eyeDiabetesHip dysplasiaElbow dysplasiaMuscular dystrophyHeart valve malformation

12. German Shepherd Lab Mix Puppies: Cost

german shepherd lab mix Cost

Is black lab German shepherd mix an expensive breed?

Yes, this is a bit costlier than other German shepherd mix breeds.

So, how much does a German Shepherd Lab mix cost?

You can buy a German Shepherd Lab Mix puppy anywhere between $800 to $2500.

Keep in mind that the overall price of this breed depends on several factors, such as breeder, location, pup’s health, and history. There are several rescue centers and adoption clubs where you can get a German Shepherd Lab mix puppy for sale.

13. German Shepherd Lab Mix: Fun Facts

Fun Facts of german shepherd lab mix

Here are some of the interesting facts about Sheprador:

  • A black lab German shepherd mix has a dense double-layer coat, so they don’t like being in the sun. These canines love to play outside but still are indoor dogs.
  • This pup might look strong and fierce from the outside, but they’ve got the heart of a cute little puppy.
  • These dogs like to chew things. This means anything, including your shoes. So invest in some chew toys; otherwise, be ready to buy another pair of shoes for yourself.
  • These canines are protective and alert in nature; thus, they make great guard dogs and watchdogs.

14. German Shepherd Lab Mix: Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of german shepherd lab mix

Whether should you get a shepherd lab mix or not?

Read the advantages and disadvantages of owning a lab and German shepherd mix:


  • Loyal, protective, and territorial.
  • Good with kids and other pets.
  • Outgoing and loves to socialize.
  • Great family dogs.


  • Sometimes behave stubbornly.
  • Have serious health issues.
  • Requires plenty of exercise.
german shepherd lab mix

German Shepherd Lab Mix FAQ

1. What is a German Shepherd Lab Mix Called?

A German Shepherd and Labrador mix is also known as a sheprador, Lab German Shepherd mix, German sheprador, Labrashepherd, a shepherd lab mix, and many other names.

2. Are Sheprador Aggressive Dogs?

A German Shepherd Lab mix is a friendly and lovable dog. However, they become quite protective and territorial around strangers or in dangerous conditions. So, proper training and early socialization are required to control their aggressive behavior.

3. How Big Do German Shepherd Lab Mix Get?

A male Sheprador is about 22 to 26 inches tall and can weigh around 75 to 88 pounds. On the other hand, female Shepradors are smaller in size compared to males. They are 22 to 24 inches in height and can weigh up to 80 pounds.

4. Are German Shepherd Lab Mix Good Dogs?

Yes, the German Shepherd Labrador mix is a great family pet. They are very affectionate and show their love towards their family in many ways. They behave well with small children, older people, and with other pets.

Final Thoughts

So, this is all about the German Shepherd Lab mix. These canines are absolutely cute, cuddly, and caring. If you have an active lifestyle, a Sheprador will be a great companion for you. With proper training and daily exercise, these dogs are proven to be ideal family dogs.

Now, you know everything about the full grown German Shepherd Lab mix, so what are you waiting for? Get a white, cream, or black lab German shepherd mix puppy ASAP!

I hope this guide on the German Shepherd Husky mix breed has given you all the information and helped you before making the final decision.

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