Monk Parakeets: Social Birds with Impressive Nest & Prolific Lives

Monk Parakeets were introduced to the U.S. in the 1960s via the release escape of pet birds.They are also numerous in their native South America.


Monk Parakeet are small sized and green in color with a gray face and breast, and a long tail. It has a distinct hooked beak and bright plumage.


Monk Parakeets in North America thrive in urban settings and endure temperate winters, while in South America, they inhabit dry savannas.


Monk Parakeets consume seeds, fruits, crops, and visit bird feeders in winter, but their status of the agricultural pests is unconfirmed.


Monk Parakeets build massive stick nests in colonies with multiple chambers, using thorny twigs, and occupying them for years.


Monk Parakeets are highly social, living in bustling colonies. They forage together, roost in nests, and engage in mutual preening and courtship rituals.


The lifespan of a Monk Parakeet is typically around 15 to 20 years , although they have been known to live longer in captivity, reaching up to 25 years or more.