Torn ACL In Dogs: What To Do

What is torn ACL?

A torn ACL in a dog is a very common injury that affects their knee joint. The ACL is an important ligament that helps to stabilize the knee joint. When this ligament gets torn, it can cause your dog to feel pain and have difficulty walking or running.

Symptoms of a torn ACL in dogs

● your dog is limping or holding one leg up when they walk or run. ● Your dog may have difficulty standing up or getting up after lying down. ● There may be swelling in the affected knee joint. ● Your dog may be in pain and may vocalize or whine when you touch the injured area.

What to do if your dog has torn their ACL

Take your dog to a veterinarian as soon as possible. The vet will examine your dog and may perform X-rays or other tests to diagnose the ACL tear.

How to fix Torn ACL 

A torn ACL in dogs cannot be fixed at home. It is a serious injury that requires veterinary attention and proper treatment. Surgery is often the best course of action to repair a torn ACL in dogs, and this must be performed by a trained veterinary surgeon.