Red Fox Lab

An In-Depth Guide to Fox Red Labradors


The Red Fox Labrador retriever is a variant of the Labrador retriever breed, known for its reddish coat color. It is believed that the Red Fox Labrador Retriever originated from a mutation in the gene that controls coat color in Labrador Retrievers.


The red fox lab is a very rare color breed. The breed is blessed with expressive eyes and floppy ears hanging at the sides of their head. They have charming facial expressions and big, round, mischievous eyes.


Same as other Labrador retrievers, red fox Labrador temperament is friendly. It is also social & playful. These dogs love playing games. They can be very good around children, thus can be very good companions for them.

Caring for Red Lab

Training a red fox lab requires consistency and positive reinforcement. These dogs are intelligent and energetic and need plenty of exercise. This dog breed doesn’t require a lot of grooming. However, regular maintenance is a must. They require exercise on a regular basis.

Health Problems

The red Labrador is a happy and healthy breed, but they are prone to some diseases like every breed. Here are those diseases: Obesity, Diabetes, Otitis externa, Hip dysplasia.

Puppy Price

The red fox lab price starts from $1000 and can go higher depending on the breeder’s reputation. As this is a rare kind of dog, their demand is much higher, and thus we expect the red fox Labrador puppies for the sale price to be much higher than its average price.