Kangal Dog Price, Temperament, Life Span, and More

Breed Overview

Origin: Turkey

Height: 22 to 33 inches

Weight: 95 to 145 pounds

Lifespan: 12 to 15 years

Breed Overview

Shedding: Moderate to heavy

Temperament: calm, loyal, protective.

Breed Group: Working dog


Originating from the province of Sivas, the Kangal shepherd is the national dog of Turkey. The Turkish Kangal dogs are used to protect livestock and security forces.


The Turkish Kangal dog is a large and heavy-boned breed and is naturally developed due to its guarding flocks against predators. They have a large, moderately wide head with a black muzzle. Their ears drop down and are long.

Temperament and Behavior

The Kangal dog breed is known to be good-tempered and loyal. They easily adjust and adapt to most settings. The Turkish Kangal dogs make great shepherd dogs and security dogs due to their highly protective nature.

Kangal Dog Price

The Kangal dog price ranges from 1200$ to 2500$ depending on where the dog has been bred and raised. The Turkish Kangal price is so high because of the rareness of this breed.

Health Concerns

The Kangals have some of the health concerns that are genetically linked. 1) Entropion  2) Lipoma 3) Hip dysplasia 4) Benign tumours