Kangal Dogs

The Kangal Dog is a large, powerful, heavy-boned dog breed commonly found in Turkey.

These dogs work as shepherds and guard livestock from predators. They are known as Kangal shepherd dogs, Turkish Kangal dogs, or Kurdish Kangal dogs. With their distinctive appearance, they are easily recognized by their large heads and curled tails. But no matter how huge and intimidating these dogs seem; they are the true definition of gentle giants.

Their alertness makes them a good watch or guard dog, and there is no hint of aggression in them. They are defensive rather than attacking. You must only consider getting these dogs if you have a large backyard or a farm as they aren’t suitable to be kept in the house. Today in this article, we’ll tell you everything about the Kangal dog price, temperament, life span, and many more

Breed Overview

Kangal dog Breed Overview

Breed Name : Kangal dog

Breed Group: Working dog

Height: 22 to 33 inches

Weight: 95 to 145 pounds

Lifespan: 12 to 15 years

Coat: Short and dense

Color: Fawn or tan with black facial and ear colour and occasional white markings on chest, toes, and chin

Temperament: Independent, calm, loyal, protective.

Needs for Grooming: Low

Hypoallergenic: No

Origin: Turkey


kangal dog oridin

Originating from the province of Sivas, the Kangal shepherd is the national dog of Turkey. They are a working breed of dogs bred for their ability to protect. The Turkish Kangal dogs are used to protect livestock and security forces.

They can protect both people and livestock herds from other animals like wolves, jackals, lions, and cheetahs commonly found in the regions of Turkey and Africa, where these dogs are extremely popular.

The Kurdish Kangal or the Turkish Kangal dog is also known as the Anatolian lion. This breed has walked the planet for more than a thousand years now. They are known for their size, speed, and agility. The Kurdish Kangal dog is known for having one of the strongest bites of all dogs.

According to studies, the dogs of Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Afghanistan are closely related to the Kangals.


The Turkish Kangal dog is a large and heavy-boned breed and is naturally developed due to its guarding flocks against predators. They have a large, moderately wide head with a black muzzle. Their ears drop down and are long.

A well-proportioned Kangal shepherd dog is longer than tall. Their coat is short and dense and has a distinct curved tail. Their ears are shaded black, with their body ranging from fawn to tan in colour. They may show white-coloured hairs on paws, underbelly, and chin.

Their dense double coat protects them from harsh winters and summers of Turkey and African regions where they are commonly found. Their coat even prevents their skin from rupturing when bitten by wild animals.

Appearance of kangal dog

Temperament and Behavior

The Kurdish Kangal dog is known for its unique personality and temperament. They are the most distinctive features of the Kangal and lead people to choose this huge breed of dog.

The Kangal dog breed is known to be good-tempered and loyal dog breed. They easily adjust and adapt to most settings. The Turkish Kangal dogs make great shepherd dogs and security dogs due to their highly protective nature.

If you raise your Kangal shepherd with proper training and socialization, they tend to be extremely calm and patient towards children and other animals. Their style of protection is more defensive than attacking as they aren’t an aggressive breed of dogs.

Although, if your Kangal dog senses you as submissive or weak, they may try to be the alpha and the one in charge. Thus, firm leadership is important for the Turkish Kangal shepherds.

They are alert and territorial and would protect the people they love at all costs. They are swift and courageous, which makes them good at intercepting threats and protecting their humans/flock.

If you are an experienced dog owner, this breed is suitable for experienced dog owners who can understand and handle their personalities well. These dogs are independent thinkers, making them outsmart their humans at times.

Kangal Dog Size

The Kangal dog size falls into the extra-large category and is a distant relative of the mastiff, with the males standing tall at 28 to 33 inches and weighing from 110 to 145 pounds. The females of this dog breed are slightly smaller than males and weigh comparatively less.

The Kangal dog’s size makes it unsuitable for living in apartments. This huge breed needs open space to thrive in.

Kangal Dog Price

Want to know how much is a kangal shepherd dog price?

The cost of a Kangal dog varies between $1,200 and $2,500, depending on its breeding and upbringing location. The Turkish Kangal price is so high because of the rareness of this breed. Make sure you buy from a reputable and ethical breeder to avoid genetic health concerns in your Kurdish Kangal dog.

A Kangal Shepherd Dog may cost more than $2,500 if it is exceptionally well-bred and comes from champion Kangal lineage. Various other factors also influence the cost of a Kangal dog, such as location, breeding conditions, the breeder’s reputation, and breed demand.

Kangal Puppies

A Kangal dog puppy needs early socialization to interact well with humans and other animals. Training of the Kangal puppy must start right away as they learn quicker when they are young.

Kangal puppies must be trained consistently with firm leadership to follow your commands. They love to chew everything they see, so make sure to check that and make corrections every time you notice unwanted behaviour.

If you train your Kangal puppies nicely, the Kangal puppies grow into their best selves and will never let you down. A Kangal puppy tends to copy or follow another dog and catch up on its habits, so make sure they are in the right company.

A Kangal dog puppy is a quick learner, and thus, you won’t have a hard time teaching them cute tricks or training them to go potty. With proper obedience, the puppies do not develop undesirable habits and aggression.

Common Health Concerns

All breeds are free of health issues, and just like most dog breeds, the Kangals, too, have some of the health concerns that are genetically linked. They are as follows:

  1. Entropion
  2. Lipoma
  3. Hip dysplasia
  4. Benign tumours

Keep checking these conditions and contact your vet immediately if you see any signs of distress in your dog. Proper care and management can help you avoid these issues to some extent regarding your puppy.

Final Thoughts

Size doesn’t matter if you love dogs. This gentle giant will love and protect you with all its might, and if you’ve got what it takes to raise this beautiful breed, which is mostly space and skill, we say go for it.

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