How to celebrate Easter with your pets

Cook a special meal for your pet using pet-friendly ingredients such as boiled eggs, chicken, or turkey. 

Give your pet some Easter themed toys to play with such as a bunny-shaped chew toy or a stuffed Easter egg.

Check with your local pet stores or animal shelters for any pet-friendly Easter events in your area. You and your pet can socialize and have fun with other pet owners and their pets.

Take some Easter-themed photos with your pet and share them on social media or with friends and family.

Hide some treats or toys around your backyard or house and encourage your pet to find them. You can use plastic eggs or baskets for this activity.

Teach your pet some new tricks or commands with an Easter theme. For example, you can teach them to "hop" like a bunny or "fetch" Easter eggs.

Watch an Easter-themed movie or show with your pet, such as Hop or Peter Rabbit.