Full Grown Bernedoodles Size

Bernedoodle – a fun, friendly, and happy dog who is always ready to play with you! If you’re looking for an active and energetic furry friend, Bernedoodle can be a great pet option for your family.

Bernedoodle is a great family pet but deciding which one to get is sometimes a bit challenging! And we’re not talking about the coat colors; we’re talking about sizes! Yes, bernedoodle full grown is available in four sizes, each suitable for different spaces and families.
Are you also confused about the same thing? No worries, you are on the right page!

Today in this blog, we’ll tell you everything about full grown bernedoodle puppies. From what are the different bernedoodle sizes and what age a Bernedoodle has fully grown to which factors affect the size and how these factors can affect the personality of the different types of Bernedoodle, we’ve covered all the important information.

So if you have any doubt about how big a bernedoodle gets or what its different sizes, keep reading till the end!
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How Big Do Bernedoodles Grow?

This is a common question for pet owners to know about how big a puppy can grow. When it comes to Bernedoodles, the answer to this question lies in their sizes. Yes, because the size of this breed can vary from tiny, mini, and standard.

No worries, keep reading this post. We’ve further explained all the different full grown Bernedoodle sizes and their complete growth chart.

As you know, this breed results from a hybrid cross of Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle. Both these breeds are friendly, playful, and energetic. So, the Bernedoodle breed also has similar traits to its parents. They’re also active, loyal, and affectionate. Due to this friendly behavior and fun attitude, they’re considered excellent family pets.

How Big Do Bernedoodles Grow?

These dogs could fit in almost any family and are also adjustable in various spaces. When it comes to their sizes, female dogs are usually smaller than male dogs. Also, the overall size of a bernedoodle dog is determined by the type of Bernese Mountain, and Poodle used to breed it.

Here is the complete Bernedoodle growth chart:

Bernedoodle – Number of weeks old at time of weigh-inBernedoodle Weight Range in Pounds
48 and up50-118

Bernedoodle Sizes

Bernedoodle Sizes

Bernedoodle is available in four sizes:

  1. Tiny Bernedoodle size
  2. Mini Bernedoodle size
  3. Medium Bernedoodle size
  4. Standard Bernedoodle size

Let’s discuss the size of every type of bernedoodle in detail.

1. Toy / Tiny Bernedoodle Size & Weight

Toy / Tiny Bernedoodle Size & Weight

Tiny Bernedoodle, also known as Toy Bernedoodle, comes under the smallest size of the Bernedoodle breed. This is a result of crossing the Tiny or Toy Poodle with the Mini Bernese Mountain Dog. Toy poodles are about 10 inches tall in height and weigh up to 6 to 9 pounds.

You should always be careful while adopting a doodle dog, especially in toy and teacup dog sizes. Some breeders use illegal methods and breeding processes that cause major health problems and issues in puppies’ lives. This is why you should always get your Bernedoodle puppy or full-grown Bernedoodle from a reputable breeder.

How Big Do Tiny Bernedoodles Get?

On average, a full grown tiny Bernedoodle has 17 inches in height and can weigh up to 10 to 24 pounds.

2. Mini Bernedoodle Size & Weight

Mini Bernedoodle Size & Weight

Mini versions of the Bernedoodle are not as small as the Tiny versions but also not as big as the standard ones. So, these ones are considered small dogs, but in other dog sixes, they come in the medium dog category.

When a Mini Poodle is crossed with a Bernese Mountain Dog, the result is a mini Bernedoodle. These canines are around 15 inches tall in height with a weight of up to 12-20 pounds. If you compare a full grown mini bernedoodle with Bernese mountain dogs, they seem small because a Bernese mountain is 23-28 inches tall in height and weighs up to 79-110 pounds.

How Big Do Mini Bernedoodles Get?

A full grown Mini Bernedoodle is about 18 to 22 inches tall in height, and they usually weigh between 25 pounds and 50 pounds. Like the other breeds, the female dog is smaller than the male version.

Here is the table of puppy mini Bernedoodle growth:

Mini Bernedoodle – Number of weeks old at time of weigh-inMini Bernedoodle Weight Range in Pounds

3. Medium Bernedoodle Size & Weight

Medium Bernedoodle Size & Weight

As its name suggests, the medium Bernedoodle size is larger than the small or mini size but smaller than the standard size. According to dog experts, today, Medium Bernedoodle comes under one of the largest designer dog breeds if you compare it by weight.

This is because one of its parent breeds, the Bernese Mountain Dog is more than 100+ pounds in weight.

Age of Medium BernedoodleAverage Weight in Pounds (lb)
2 Months18 lb
4 Months32 lb
8 Months43.5 lb
10 Months46 lb
12 Months48 lb

If you’re planning to get a Bernedoodle and are confused about which one to get, here’s what you need to consider: Space & Exercise! The bigger the dog’s size, it will need more space and daily activity. For example, the medium size Bernedoodle needs one hour of exercise daily to keep it happy and fit.

How Big Do Medium Bernedoodles Get?

When measured at the shoulder, these canines are usually 19 to 25 inches tall. They have weight ranges from 35 to 55 pounds.

4. Standard Bernedoodle Size & Weight

Standard Bernedoodle Size & Weight

Standard Bernedoodle dog has the largest size among all the other sizes of Bernedoodles. This is because it was a result of crossing a Standard Poodle and a Bernese Mountain dog. A Standard Poodle can be 18-24 inches tall and weighs up to 45 to 70 pounds. On the other hand, the Bernese Mountain Dog is 23 to 38 inches tall and weighs between 79 to 110 pounds.

How Big Do Standard Bernedoodles Get?

A full grown Standard Bernedoodle is typically 23 to 29 inches tall in height and can weigh up to 70 to 90 pounds. Female ones are usually smaller than male versions.


Also, keep in mind that the sizes and weights that we mentioned above are not fixed. This can be changed according to their sizes. Is this really possible? Yes, it is.

Read below to know more about this.

Here is the growth comparison of all three sizes of Bernedoodle:

AgeMini BernedoodleMedium BernedoodleStandard Bernedoodle
3 Months14 lbs25 lbs33 lbs
4 Months18 lbs33 lbs42 lbs
5 Months20 lbs36 lbs46 lbs
6 Months22 lbs40 lbs52 lbs
7 Months24 lbs43 lbs55 lbs
8 Months26 lbs46 lbs59 lbs
9 Months27 lbs48 lbs62 lbs
10 Months28 lbs50 lbs64 lbs
11 Months29 lbs51 lbs65 lbs
1 Year29 lbs52 lbs66 lbs
1.5 Years30 lbs53 lbs67 lbs

What Impacts the Size and Weight of a Bernedoodle?

There are many things that can affect the growth of the Bernedoodle. These factors can predict how your pup is when it is fully grown.

Here are all the major factors that can affect a Bernedoodle’s Growth:

  1. Gender
  2. Size, Height, and Weight of the parents
  3. Generation of the Bernedoodle

1. Gender

Yes, gender affects the size of the Bernedoodle. In most cases, male Bernedoodle dogs will be 10% larger than the female version. However, when it comes to tiny and mini bernedoodle full grown, the sizes are the same for males and females.

2. Size, Height, and Weight of the Parents

Another factor that you should consider is the size of the parent breed of Bernedoodle. This is because not only traits but genetics are also transferred from parents to their puppies. So, to know how big Bernedoodles will grow, check out their parent’s size. However, the prediction of the generation is pretty difficult.

3. Generation of the Bernedoodle

The last factor is the generation of the Bernedoodle. This also plays a significant role in determining the size of the Bernedoodle dog. You have to determine the general genetic structure of your dog.

Apart from these, there are also other situations that can cause a Bernedoodle to vary in size, such as:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Size expectancy
  • Breed standard growth
  • Size of the litter

Does Size Affect the Personality of Bernedoodle?

Does Size Affect the Personality of Bernedoodle

This might be a surprising fact for you that size can affect a dog’s personality. This is why it is always said that you must think about space and essential needs whenever you’re thinking of adopting a puppy.

First, let’s know how personality is connected by size:

Standard Size Personality

The standard-size Bernedoodle has the most balanced and fit personality as compared to other sizes. The major reason behind this is that they inherit all the best qualities from their parent’s breed: the Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog. These canines are loyal, friendly, and gentle toward their family.

However, these dogs are sometimes protective and act stubborn, inherited from Burness’s side. These canines require at least 1 hour of walking daily to keep their body and mind fresh, fit, and happy. So, if the owner won’t spend time with them, they feel bored.

Tiny & Toy Personality

Mini and tiny Bernedoodle have similar personalities. Breeders cross mini or toy Poodles with Bernese Mountain Dog to get these cute tiny and toy versions of Bernedoodle. These canines have higher stress levels as compared to other sizes. One of the main reasons is their small size, and this is why small dogs bark a lot and have anxiety issues. However, these canines are cheerful and highly energetic dogs.

Which Bernedoodle Size is Ideal for You?

Which Bernedoodle Size is Ideal for You

After reading all the information, you might wonder which Bernedoodle dog size is best for you. This is completely an individual choice, but if you haven’t decided which size of full grown bernedoodle puppies you should choose, here are some things to keep in mind.

There are many factors from which you can decide which size of dog you want, such as space and time. Suppose you have plenty of space in your home and you have a lot of time to spend with your dog; the Standard size is the best option for you! These canines have the best personality and temperament.

Even though you have a pet for the first time, the Bernedoodle in standard size is a great choice. But you also have to give them a large space to play around and give them at least 1-2 hours for exercise and activity.

And if you don’t have much space as you’re living in a small apartment or condo, a mini Bernedoodle will be the right option for you. As these small dogs don’t need large spaces, exercise requirements are also low.

For more clarification, here’s the comparison table of all of the sizes of Bernedoodle. You can select the Full Grown Bernedoodle or Bernedoodle puppy according to your requirements.

Tiny Bernedoodle12 to 17 inches (30.5cm to 43.2cm)10 to 24 pounds (4.5kg to 10.9kg)
Mini Bernedoodle18 to 22 inches (45.7cm to 55.9cm)24 to 49 pounds (10.9kg to 22.2kg)
Medium Bernedoodle20 to 26 inches (50.8cm to 66cm)24 and 49 pounds (10.9kg to 22.2kg)
Standard Bernedoodle23 to 29 inches (58.4cm to 73.7cm)70 to 90 pounds (31.8kg to 40.8kg
full grown bernedoodle

When Do Bernedoodle Stop Growing?

When Do Bernedoodle Stop Growing

One of the most common questions about this breed is when a Bernedoodle dog will stop growing.

Here’s the answer:

A normal Bernedoodle will reach its full-grown size from 1.5 to 3 years of age.

However, this also depends on the genetics of the parent’s breed.

One of the parent breeds of Bernedoodle is the Bernese Mountain Dog which grows over a longer period which is about 2 to 3 years. On the other hand, the other parent breed poodle, which comes under the small dog breed, is usually fully grown around 1.5 years. So, as you can see, there are variations in sizes, the tiny version of the Bernedoodle is usually grown faster than the mini Bernedoodle.

Here the table shows the average age which each breed stop growing:

BreedAge when they reach Full HeightAge when they reach Full Weight
Bernese18 months2 to 3 years old
Standard Poodle18 months24 months
Mini Poodle8-9 months12 months
Toy Poodle6-7 months10 months

Here in this table, you can see the percentage of weight with the growing age of Full Grown Bernedoodle:

AgeWeight Range in PoundsPercentage of Adult Weight
7 Weeks4 -17 lbs12%
8 Weeks5 – 17 lbs13.50%
9 Weeks8 – 20lbs16.50%
10 Weeks10 – 27 lbs20.50%
11 Weeks12 – 30 lbs23%
3 Months16 – 35 lbs30%
4 Months25 – 49 lbs41%
5 Months32 – 65 lbs55%
6 Months35 – 72 lbs60%
7 Months40 – 78 lbs66%
8 Months50 – 82 lbs78%
9 Months50 – 82 lbs78.00%
10 Months55 – 82 lbs80%
11 Months60 – 82 lbs85%
1 Year70 – 90 lbs90%
2 Years70 – 90 lbs100%


So this is all about a full grown bernedoodle. Now you know which Bernedoodle size is appropriate for your family according to your requirements. These canines are loyal and friendly and like daily activities and exercises. So space and time really matter for these dogs. So consider all the factors mentioned in this blog before making the final decision.

I hope this in-depth guide on full grown Bernedoodle has helped you understand more about these friendly and happy dogs. Please share this blog with your friends and family if you find this blog helpful and help them get the right size of Bernedoodle.

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