can dogs eat broccoli

Can Dogs Have Broccoli? Get The Complete Information Today


A dog’s diet has to be planned carefully and in the proper manner to keep them healthy, fit and fine. The diet plan should be made from an expert veterinary doctor. As they will include all the necessary items and ingredients in it. Many people are having the question that can dogs eat broccoli? And is it safe for them? To answer this question, we have brought this post today. In which you will get to know the pros, cons and other information related to it. 

There are some food items which are good for their health and some are not. So, we have to be careful while providing them a new food item. The pros and cons of a food item on the dog’s overall health need to be known before feeding it.

So, read the complete post and acknowledge yourself about it. 

Pros of Broccoli for Dogs

There is no compulsion that one should provide broccoli to dogs for eating as they don’t eat fruits and vegetables that much. But if we provide it in small amounts to them then it is not bad for their health too. 

Broccoli contains Vitamin A, C, K, E, B, fiber, protein, iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, selenium and low fat. Which will be really good for their health. 

can dogs eat broccoli


Cons of Broccoli for Dogs

One shouldn’t provide too much amount of this vegetable to dogs as it contains isothiocyanates. Isothiocyanates can cause gastric irritation to dogs and this will make them uncomfortable and have irritation in their stomach. 

If the total amount of this vegetable given to them is less than 10 percent of their intake then it is safe for them. If it is more than 25 percent then it is not good for their health and one should avoid giving it in this much amount. 

Every dog has a different size so the amount will vary for each of the dogs. 10% for one dog may be different for some other dog depending on its size. You can provide some amount to your dog and monitor their health for some days and if it remains well then there is no issue. Also, you need to check whether it likes its taste or not. 

Give Small Pieces

If the size of your dog is small then you have to make sure that you cut broccoli in small pieces and then only provide to them as it may create an obstruction in their esophagus.  

If the pieces are small then you will be able to measure it accurately and know how much pieces do your dog consumes. This way, you will check if there is any problem with your dog when it eats the food.

Slowly increase the intake

In the initial time when you are feeding broccoli to your dog, at that time, you should give limited pieces only. Check for 2-3 days how its health is, is it facing any vomiting problem? is it facing any diarrhea problem or any other problem? If everything is fine then you can increase the intake gradually and keep monitoring its health.

can dogs eat broccoli


How to give broccoli in the dog’s diet?

Now, if you want to give broccoli in the dog’s diet then you have to either steam it or either saute it. You should avoid giving it raw as it is not good for their health and can lead to stomach-ache. 

Steaming it will make it soft and then there will be no issues as they can chew it easily. Raw food is hard to digest and many times dogs suffer from heavy stomach-ache problem and owners have to carry them to the veterinaries immediately. 

Take some good pieces of broccoli and boil them for a while and it will get soft and then you can provide it to your dog. No need to add any seasoning to it, feed them plain and dry. Humans like to add some salt, pepper, cheese or butter to it to make it have a better taste but it is in the benefit of dogs to eat it plain. 

If you are sauteeing it then you can apply a small amount of oil to it to make it have a better taste. Saute vegetables are not bad for their health so you can go for it without any worries. 

Dog’s Diet

Either you can provide broccoli alone or add it to the regular food. You can mix some healthy vegetables in a bowl to eat; a fruit bowl will also work well. If you are making a vegetable bowl then make sure that you cut the vegetables in small pieces. Then only provide your dog to avoid any obstruction in the food pipe. 

Also, keep in mind the 10% rule, you have to provide it as a snack only and not part of their regular diet. Keep on providing them regular lunch and dinner and along with that go for the broccoli as a morning or evening snack. You can consult your veterinary doctor and ask about the number of broccoli pieces that you should involve in the dog’s diet

They will let you know the complete diet plan as per your dog’s age, weight and size and you can follow the same to make them healthy and fit.

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Other Fruits and Vegetables that you can offer to your dog

Fruits and vegetables are healthy for your dog and there is no disadvantage of providing it. But one has to make sure that we provide them in a small amount otherwise it will lead to a stomach problem. Here is a list of other fruits and vegetables that you can provide to your dogs. 

  • Zucchini
  • Banana
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Beans
  • Carrots
  • Peas
  • Apple
  • Cucumber

can dogs eat broccoli



So, here was a detailed overview of the question: can dogs eat broccoli? We have shown you the complete information related to it so just follow the instructions and your dog won’t have any problem eating broccoli. For more details on pets, visit petsnurturing


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