bats as pets

Can We Have Bats As Pets? Know It Today

Pets are our best friends, we love to play with them, take care of them, do any fun activity, provide them with their favorite food; after all, they are our special companion that makes our lives special.  Those who have pets must be knowing how incredible it feels to play and spend time with your […]

swim bladder disorder

How To Treat Swim Bladder Disorder? (Detailed Information)

“I think my fish forgot how to swim. She is constantly floating.” “My fish is swimming with her tail upwards.” “Why my fish’s stomach seems swelled? Is she pregnant?” Ever heard these questions, experienced, or maybe right now, at this moment you are thinking about those right now? If yes, then let us get this […]

kissing gourami

Things To Know About The Kissing Gourami Before Giving The Pet Tag

I wish you should bring a new member to the family (stop thinking about a wife or girlfriend), here our idea of a new member is of a pet. I know…I know you will say that it is very difficult to spend “me-time” in this 9-5 vicious cycle then how can I even afford to […]

Gecko Pet

Pet Gecko and Their Types: Detailed Guide with Pictures

Who keeps a gecko? This might be an instant question after reading gecko as a pet. Believe us or not, they can be turned into the most amazing pet one could dream off. They are beautiful, able to change color, talkative in nature, eye-licking habit and have adhesive toe pads, live a long life than […]

frog food

Get a Close Look at Frog Food, Their Life and Everything About Them

We all have heard the story where the frog turns into the charming prince. I am not sure if it’s true or not, but one thing is for sure that frogs can be turned into charming pets.  When I was a kid, I was fascinated by the frogs, I used to chase them and monsoon […]

lion cub petting

Looking for Local Cub Petting? Here is Why It’s a Bad Idea

Want to pet a lion or tiger cub, play with it, and maybe even feed it from a bottle? The temptation to visit local cub petting attractions and take cute photos with the animals can be pretty irresistible – but if you really care for the cubs it is a bad idea. Most people don’t […]

Horse Eating Hay

What Do Horses Eat? Complete List of Nutritional Horse Food

We all love horses, even some of you might be having them at your house or your farmhouse. We hope that you all who have horses must be having a good time playing with them and enjoy doing horse riding as well. But along with this fun, you have to provide them with a healthy […]

tortoise enclosure

7 Easy Steps and Tips to make Tortoise House Escape-Free

Do you know what is the plus point of getting home a tortoise? You won’t have to suffer from separation anxiety. Their lifespan is probably more than yours, i.e., 50-100 years. And they don’t shed, so you won’t have to worry about allergies too. But they aren’t as large as your furry friends, so they […]

strongest animal in the world

9 Strongest Animals: Size Doesn’t Matter When Talking About Strength

Earth consists of creatures ranging from most beautiful to most powerful, be it animal or human being. Everyone knows ‘Martins Licis,’ the strongest man in the world. But what about the strongest animals? There are many animals whose strength is far more than what we have thought about! When someone asks which is the largest animal […]