Which Small Pets Can Live with Your Dog

Which Small Pets Can Live with Your Dog? Find Out Here

If you own a pet, you’ll surely understand which small pets can live with your dog. Owning a pet is like being a parent. Some parents are content with just one child. But there are others who simply can’t say ‘No’ to one more child, just because they already have a child.  Similarly, some pet […]

animals with down syndrome

Animals with Down Syndrome: Is It True or Myth?

From Madeline Stuart, Zack Gottsegen to Chris Burke, you may hear of these people with down syndrome. Even with this disease, these people have proved that nothing can stop them from being themselves, and they all are shining like stars! In every 1,000 babies, there is approximately 1 baby affected with down syndrome!  Down syndrome is […]


BabyHedgehog: Pregnancy, Birth, Diet, Growth & More!

One morning, when you wake up, you notice that your beloved pet hedgehog is not alone in her bed. There are tiny babyhedgehogs lying beside your pet. Yes, your little pet has given birth to babies!  This isn’t actually surprising because female hedgehogs, most of the time, give birth to a baby unexpectedly. Sometimes, when […]

jack dempsey fish

Jack Dempsey Fish Overview, Care, Appearance, Diet & More

Jack Dempseys are freshwater cichlids, scientifically known as Rocio octofasciata. They are commonly referred to as Jack Dempsey since they show similar characteristics to the legendary heavyweight boxer William Harrison JACK Dempsey. The characteristics they share in common is their aggression and harsh looks.Even though these fishes are territorial and aggressive, they are an extremely […]

bristlenose pleco

Bristlenose Pleco: Overview, Appearance, Diet and More

The bristlenose plecostomus have become popular worldwide as they remain smaller than their catfish cousin throughout life and are peaceful fishes that are suitable for community tanks.They are also known as the Bristlenose catfish, pleco fish, bristlenose plecostomus, bushynose pleco, picasimus and bushynose catfish. They are characterized by the intricate patterns on their smooth body […]

pea puffer

Pea Puffer Fish: Appearance, Temperament, Diet and More

Pea puffer are the smallest of all known Puffer fish and one of the smallest of all fishes in the world. They are intelligent and unique freshwater fish that would make great additions to your aquarium if you are a bit experienced aquarist. Freshwater Puffer fish has always been a subject of interest due to their […]

oscar fish

Oscar Fish Care Guide: Size, Tank Mates, Diet, and More

Part of the Cichlidae family the Oscar fish comes in colours like yellow and blue, black or full white but their signature is black and orange stripes. What is an Oscar Fish? Source: pixfeeds.com The simple answer to ‘what is an Oscar?’ is that they are a tropical species of fish native to South America. Oscar […]

turtle without shell

Can Turtle Survive Without Shell? All You Need to Know

Or what does a turtle look like without a shell?  There’s a lot of curiosity among people when it comes to these questions. The simple answer to the former question is NO, a turtle with no shell cannot survive.  Thinking about turtle without shell and questioning if they’ll survive is like asking if a human […]

box turtle habitat

How to Create a Perfect Box Turtle Habitat in Detail

Box turtles are one of the simplest and most popular choices of pet turtles in the world. If you are a reptile enthusiast and unsure of where to begin, box turtles are a great choice.These turtles are small, have a simple diet, adapt to handling and are easy to handle. Along with all the amazing […]

all axolotl colors

Axolotl Colors, Appearance, Diet, Care and Overview

In Ancient Aztec, Axolotl roughly translates to ‘water monster’ as it is believed that the Axolotl is Xolotl, an ancient god of lighting and fire who disguised himself as a salamander to avoid being sacrificed.The cool legends aren’t the only interesting things about these Amphibians, they are pretty fascinating in other ways too. These Mexican […]