Guinea Pig Breeds

Guinea Pig Breeds: Know About Their Types Today

Looking for different Guinea Pig Breeds? Then you have reached the right destination as this post will inform you about the different guinea pigs. These Pigs have a Lifespan of 4-8 Years. If you are believing that their native place is Guinea then you are quite wrong. They are not related to pigs biologically too. […]

How To Take Care Of A Baby Turtle

This Is How To Take Care Of A Baby Turtle

The choice of pets is personal and different people may love to have different gets in the home and cats and dogs are the most adopted pets in the world but there are other rare pets as well and Pet Turtles in one of them but people rarely have it in their home. If you […]

Animals in Lion King

Who Are the Animals in Lion King? Know Those Amazing Creatures in Real

The most loved movie, “The Lion King,” released its remake on 19th July 2019. The film was a super-duper hit on The Box Office and has already collected $962.7 million and still counting. Along with that, it has also doubled up the fan-base with its perfect plot and storyline.  After watching that movie, there was […]

Mini Pigs

All You Need To Know Before Getting A Mini Pig Home

Having pet depends on person to person and if you don’t want to stay mainstream about adopting a pet then you might want to have a pet apart from the dog, cat or any such common pets rather you can go with Mini Pigs. Pigs can be a great petting option and if you would […]

Fish Dropsy

The Ultimate Guide for Fish Dropsy For Aquarists

Fish dropsy The name was given by aquarists to a uniform swelling of the abdominal region. It is actually the accumulation of water in the body such as in coelomic cavity and in cutaneous tissue due to renal (kidney) failure. This condition also is known as bloat. Significant swelling of the abdomen, often causing the […]

Methylene Blue Uses For Aquarium

Methylene Blue Uses For Aquarium Fish

When your fish’s life is at risk then definitely you try to choose the right medication which is critical and a difficult decision for you. Methylene blue is the medicine of various disorders such as bacterial sickness and parasite plague for fishes. While it is a quite safe chemical but its petition is associated with […]

Balloon Molly Fish

Balloon Molly Fish For Freshwater Aquariums

Balloon Molly is a hybrid of the Sailfin Molly Fish which belongs to the family of Poecilia latipinna. These are also known by the name of  “Pot Belly Mollies”. Having a very peaceful temperament they are easy to keep especially for the beginners. These are also one of the most underrated fishes ever. What Color, Size, and Shape […]

Zodiac Signs Animals

Animals According To 12 Different Zodiac Signs

Zodiac Signs do matter a lot and that is the reason that people who often choose their things according to their zodiac sign tend to be happier tough that doesn’t mean that you would always have to choose things according to your zodiac sign only as it is all people’s assumption and there is nothing […]

Facts About Rats

Some Facts About Rats And Methods Of Rat Care

Rats are often not considered as a good and clean animal as pets. In fact, a lot of people shudder at the very thought of seeing a rat anywhere near them. But rats are pretty much interesting creatures and we shall get to know some Facts About Rats as you further go on reading this […]

Fish Bowl

5 Best Fish Bowl For Your Fishes

Keeping fish as a pet has been a new trend these days. It is inexpensive and convenient for all people especially working people who do not get a lot of time to look after their pets. It is also easier to feed and take care of them. Moreover, they come in various shapes and sizes […]