Horse Eating Hay

What Do Horses Eat? Complete List of Nutritional Horse Food

We all love horses, even some of you might be having them at your house or your farmhouse. We hope that you all who have horses must be having a good time playing with them and enjoy doing horse riding as well. But along with this fun, you have to provide them with a healthy […]

tortoise enclosure

7 Easy Steps and Tips to make Tortoise House Escape-Free

Do you know what is the plus point of getting home a tortoise? You won’t have to suffer from separation anxiety. Their lifespan is probably more than yours, i.e., 50-100 years. And they don’t shed, so you won’t have to worry about allergies too. But they aren’t as large as your furry friends, so they […]

strongest animal in the world

9 Strongest Animals: Size Doesn’t Matter When Talking About Strength

Earth consists of creatures ranging from most beautiful to most powerful, be it animal or human being. Everyone knows ‘Martins Licis,’ the strongest man in the world. But what about the strongest animals? There are many animals whose strength is far more than what we have thought about! When someone asks which is the largest animal […]

cloudy fish tank

An Answer to The Most Asked Question ‘Why is My Fish Tank Cloudy’

What the heck! Where are my fishes? Where they went? I want them back. But wait where they can go? They can’t walk like me. And what is this cloudy thing floating? Why is my fish tank cloudy? Oh, my poor, Bruce, Larry, Cleo, and Dora. I hope they are getting enough air to breathe…You […]

Guinea Pig Cages

5 Guinea Pig Cages: A Guideline on Features for an Ideal Cage (Bonus)

Wanna have a guinea pig as a pet? Not at all surprising. Those cute little creatures have won many hearts. They can get you happy hour feel at home only. They are active little ones. So before you get them home, you will need to get a Guinea Pig House first. You can’t keep them […]

Types of Ferrets

Ferrotology – Guide on Types of Ferrets

Before getting a pet, we should know all the information about the animal — no matter whether it is a normal pet or an exotic pet. Dogs have many breeds the same is with cats and other animals too, without having the proper information about the breed of the animal you may end up with […]

Biggest Spider in The World

All You Need To Know About The Biggest Spider Of The World

Watching a huge spider is not less than any nightmare and most of the people have a phobia from spider and there is hardly one who can handle a spider. Have you ever imagined about a spider so big that it can eat an entire bird? Well, this is not a horror storyline rather it […]

Beautiful Fish

Know About The Beautiful Fishes That You Can Keep In Your Home

Now that we all know that 75% of our earth’s surface is covered with water so it is quite obvious that there are so many different kinds of water animals. Among all, there are a large variety of fishes and you would be amazed to know that there are so many Beautiful Fish varieties available […]

Guinea Pig Breeds

Guinea Pig Breeds: Know About Their Types Today

Looking for different Guinea Pig Breeds? Then you have reached the right destination as this post will inform you about the different guinea pigs. These Pigs have a Lifespan of 4-8 Years. If you are believing that their native place is Guinea then you are quite wrong. They are not related to pigs biologically too. […]