Cat Photography

9 Best Tips To Make You Best Cat Photographer

No matter whether you are a cat lover or you have a passion for photography but clicking animal pictures would always amaze you. If you would get a cat as well as a dog’s photo clicked beautifully and would post it in your Instagram account then there are chances that you would get a lot […]

Cats Talking To Each Other

Some Facts About Cats Talking To Each Other

If you have cats around you then you might have seen them playing and communicating as well and this is so wonderful to see one meow and the other response to it and this raises a question that Do Cat Meow At Each Other to communicate? Well, they do but apart from that, there are […]

Automatic Cat Feeders

Benefits Of Automatic Cat Feeder In 2019

It is not really easy to bring up pets these days given how professional the world is being. Everyone is getting engaged in some of the other work and do not get time to feed their pets. Even at work, pet parents might think if their pets did have their food and an adequate quantity […]

Puppies And Kittens

Comparison Between Puppies And Kittens

It can never be argued that whether puppies are better or kittens. It all depends on the preference of the people. However, it is said that puppies are better than kittens in many ways. Dogs are considered to be selfless animals putting their master’s needs and wants before their own. Also, dogs are considered to […]

How To Discipline A Kitten

Some Guidelines For How To Discipline A Kitten

You most likely have a real wish for your cat’s behaviour. On the off chance that it is intentionally doing something it shouldn’t do, you are presumably not amazed by it. Be that as it may, you might think about how to teach your cat some discipline. Bouncing over counters, biting on wires, peeing outside […]

what breed is my cat

How To Recognise Cat Breeds

Most cat breed normally takes into account their diverse eye colour range. This can make it a bit of trouble on the off chance that you are endeavouring to figure out what sort of cat you have by following what hues and examples of each type of cat that can come in. Because you have […]

chantilly tiffany

Some Must Know Facts About Chantilly-Tiffany

The Chantilly-Tiffany breed is a special breed of cats which was once thought to be extinct but later rediscovered in 1960. Their fur was previously of the distinct chocolate colour but now due to outcrossing them, they are available in many colours like blue to golden and many more. So today at Pets Nurturing we […]

How To Make A DIY Toy For Your Cat

What better approach to show your pets some love other than giving them some homemade blessings? These adorable cat artworks will comfortable up the cats space, enhance her recess, and even decorate her litter box. So stock up on them and today at Pets Nurturing we shall discuss some of the best cat toys and […]

Sphynx Cat

Sphynx Cat And Their Quirks

The Sphynx Cat, also scientifically known as Felis catus is a hairless cat that was developed through the methods of selective breeding between hairless cats and Rex cats in the 1960s. Their country of origin is Canada and are therefore also known as Canadian hairless cat. These cats are warm, loving and are very demanding when […]

Kitten Development

Things To Know About Kittens Development In Beginning

The immensely essential initial a month and a half in a feline’s life will do much in deciding his identity and character for whatever remains of his life. Healthwise, this period is likewise critical to the creating kitten, as extremely youthful cats are defenceless to various dangers, for example, insects and upper respiratory diseases. […]