Baby Leopard Gecko

Baby Leopard Gecko for Your Family: An Ultimate Pet Guide!

Do you want to add a little bit of excitement to your life? Consider adopting a baby leopard gecko! These little reptiles make great pets for people of all ages and are sure to bring a smile to your face. One of the best things about owning a leopard gecko baby is that they are […]

bearded dragon enclosure

Bearded Dragon Habitat: How to Create the Best Tank Setup

Designing a good and ideal bearded dragon habitat setup is important for the owners. As we humans keep our living spaces good and pay so much attention to them, in the same way, the habitat of pets also deserves attention. Habitat is where the pets will be spending most of their lives, and thus you need […]

yellow bellied slider

Yellow Belly Turtle 101: Habitat, Care, Diet, Size & More!

These days people are allowed to have various animals as pets. From tigers and lions to crocodiles and hawks, you can keep any type of exotic animal and bird as pets. However, if you want to have a simple and calm pet, the turtle is a great option!  Currently, there are over 350 species of turtles […]

mexican black kingsnake

Mexican Black Kingsnake Care: A Comprehensive Guide

Mexican Black Kingsnake is known as the most beautiful predator on the earth. This Mexican Black is a part of Eastern Chain Kingsnake, found in North America. Moreover, it belongs to the family of snakes known for their ability to withstand venom and consume other venomous snakes. These Mexican Blacks are very popular as pets […]

alligator vs crocodile

Alligator Vs Crocodile: Key Differences & Who Wins in a Fight

Some crocodiles and human videos on social media are going really viral these days. You might have seen these short videos on Instagram or on Tiktok. In one of the videos, where a man is seen dancing with a crocodile, while in another video, a man is trying to save his best friend from a […]

piebald ball python

Piebald Ball Python: How to Befriend a Python!

Always been fascinated by snakes and wanted one as a pet but unsure where to begin with? Look no further, the piebald ball python is a perfect fit for novice snake lovers, who want them as pets. Why are they named as ball pythons? The answer to this is pretty simple, they curl up into a […]

baby chameleon

Baby Chameleon: Care Guide, Colour, Price & Unknown Facts

Chameleons are one of the popular reptiles kept as pets and for a reptile enthusiast, there aren’t many things that’ll match the cuteness of a baby chameleon. These cuties are fragile little creatures that have very specific requirements to stay healthy and happy.If your heart has been captured by a chameleon but you’re not entirely […]

How Long Can Sea Turtles Hold Their Breath

How Long Can Sea Turtles Hold Their Breath Underwater? Know It

Sea turtles are the symbol of life and longevity. The origin of these ancient mariners dates back to the late Jurassic dinosaurs for about 150 million years ago. Sea turtles are eminently migratory animals on earth and can travel 10,000 miles or more each year. Undoubtedly, they are the best divers, but you might be […]

pet iguana

Pet Iguana: Pet with an Intimidating Look

The American iguana is a large, arboreal species of lizard. Iguanas are mostly herbivorous in nature and found in various geographical areas. They are native to southern Brazil and Paraguay, Mexico, and are very common throughout the island of Puerto Rico. On the island, they are commonly known as gallina de palo meaning chicken of […]

Feeding Frozen Rodents to Your Pet Snakes

Benefits of Feeding Frozen Rodents to Your Pet Snakes

The convenience of frozen and pre-killed mice and rats for reptile owners makes them the favored source of food. They’re economical (you can usually buy them in bulk), can conveniently be stored for months at a time, are readily available at most pet stores, and are largely considered to be a much more humane way […]