types of bearded dragons

Bewildering Bearded Dragon Morphs And Their Types

Bearded Dragons are medium-size reptiles that originally come from Australia. There are various types of bearded dragons, depending on their patterns and colors. These are call morphs or mutations. A morph is base on the looks of a bearded dragon. Each morph of the bearded dragon might have a different pattern, color, spikes, scales and […]

black throat monitor

Things To Know About Black Throat Monitor To Keep It As A Pet

Many people get little furballs or turtles as pets, while some prefer unusual pets like hedgehog or skunk. If you belong to the population of the lot which prefers unique four-legged companions, then look no further because black throat monitor is just the friend for you.  These lizards are one of the many subspecies of […]

Gecko Pet

Pet Gecko and Their Types: Detailed Guide with Pictures

Who keeps a gecko? This might be an instant question after reading gecko as a pet. Believe us or not, they can be turned into the most amazing pet one could dream off. They are beautiful, able to change color, talkative in nature, eye-licking habit and have adhesive toe pads, live a long life than […]

Chinese Water Dragon

Fascinating Facts About Chinese Water Dragon

Now different people like having different pets around and if you are not among those who love cats and dogs but want to have something different than what people normally have as pets then you can check out Chinese water dragon and some of them mistake them with iguanas but the two animals are quite […]

Frill Necked Lizard

Frilled Neck Lizard And Their Quirks

Frilled Neck Lizard or as they are more commonly known the Frilled Lizards are astounding reptiles. They are bipedal and have excellent ornamentation around their neck that may help you to remember an ancient Dilophosaurus. These may not be the most usually observe pet reptiles. (in spite of the fact that the first “Jurassic Park” motion […]

Sea Turtle

Some Facts You Should Know About Sea Turtle

They have wandered the Earth’s seas for the last 110 million years. A vital connect to marine environments, for example, coral reefs and seagrass beds, some they likewise eat huge quantities of jellyfish and give a wellspring of pay to nearby networks as a draw for ecotourism. Be that as it may, their populaces have […]

Corn Snake Pet

7 Things You Should Know About Corn Snake

As indicated by the Oxford English Dictionary, this current snake’s name dates the whole distance back to 1675. The corn wind is so apropos named due to its corn-like appearance, albeit some contend that this snake got its name since it jumps at the chance to hang out close corn. The checkered example of its […]

Differences Between Turtle And Tortoise

5 Main Difference Between Turtle And Tortoise

There are many Differences Between Turtle And Tortoise but they both are reptiles who are descendants from the order of Testudines but in the different classification of families. The major difference between them is that tortoises dwell on the land, while turtles actually live in the water some or nearly all of the time. Source:pinimg.com Also Read: […]

Baby Bearded Dragon

Interesting Facts About Baby Bearded Dragon

Very often I’m ask about what reptiles are popular as pets, and undoubtedly, the answer is the Baby bearded dragon. I think I have treat more beard dragons per week than I do all other reptile species total combine. Source:nbcnews.com  Also Read: What’s on the bearded dragon menu? Beard dragons are actually native to Australia, […]

what do baby lizards eat

What do lizards and baby lizards eat

I love lizards. In fact, I was having a pet bearded dragon named Leviathan. In his ten years of life, I watched Leviathan eat cockroaches, beetles, mealworms, crickets, strawberries, lettuce, green beans, and many more. Having a look at how he used to eat a cockroach was very gross! Lizards have completely different habitats. You will […]