what do baby lizards eat

What do lizards and baby lizards eat

I love lizards. In fact, I was having a pet bearded dragon named Leviathan. In his ten years of life, I watched Leviathan eat cockroaches, beetles, mealworms, crickets, strawberries, lettuce, green beans, and many more. Having a look at how he used to eat a cockroach was very gross!Lizards have completely different habitats. You will […]

iguana animal

Facts about the Green Iguanas Lizard

The inexperienced iguanid lizard reptilian could be a fairly massive lizard that has become in style as a domestic pet. Where will it live? Source – wikimedia.org The inexperienced iguanid lizard is native to South America and a few parts of central and North America wherever it generally lives high in trees within the forest. The […]

What’s on the bearded dragon menu

What’s on the bearded dragon menu?

One of the primary queries somebody might raise once considering owning a bearded dragon as a pet is, “What do bearded dragons eat?”.This is an awfully vital question since you need to apprehend what an explicit animal chew before getting one. Bearded dragons have an awfully giant surface of what they prefer to eat. As […]