bristle worms

Bristle Worms and the Mystery Behind Their Existence

Bristle worms are also known as the Polychaeta or polychaetes are a class of annelid worms that are generally marine. The body of these saltwater bristle worms is segmented with each segment containing a pair of fleshy protrusions known as the parapodia that bear numerous bristles. These bristles are made up of a polysaccharide called […]

brown algae in fish tank

How to Remove Brown Algae in Fish Tank? the One Stop Solution

Having a fish tank seems to be joyful, but it needs a lot of maintenance. I am sure you are aware of the brown film that takes over the interiors of the tank. Even though you try your best, it makes its way back to the fish tank. These films are familiarly known as brown […]

Flower Shrimps

How to Take Care of Flower Shrimps?

An aquarium is a miniature version of the natural ecosystem. Although most people rear different species of fish in it, some like it to spice it up by adding a few non-fish species in it. One such species that is highly popular among aquarists is flower shrimps. Today, we are going to help you understand […]

cory catfish types

Cory Catfish: A Brief Information with 7 Different Types!

Cory catfish are also call Cory catfish, Corydoras Catfish, and Cory fish; they are very popular as freshwater fish found in pet stores. Cory cats are healthy fish for their size and are staples in freshwater network tanks.  Cory Catfish are regularly portraying as reinforcing catfish because of their plates of bone-like material running the length […]

white cloud mountain minnow

All You Need to Know About White Cloud Mountain Minnow Fish

There are various topical fishes well-known for their natural beauty and one of them is white cloud mountain minnow fish. From the rivers of China, mountain minnow is a beautiful little fish that you can keep in your tank if you are a beginner in petting fishes. Its lovely scales reflect a wonderful array of […]

Canister Filter for Aquarium

5 Easy Steps to Choose a Canister Filter for Aquarium

The filtration system is one of the essential parts of every aquarium. There are many types of filters to filter the water in your aquarium. If you have to choose a canister filter and don’t know how to buy it, the team at Expert Aquarist will help you easily choose a canister filter for your aquarium. […]


Top Tips For Breeding Perfect Guppies

There are hundreds of species of aquarium fish. Guppies are great first-time fish pets perfect for beginners. They are also a very easy-to-breed fish species. In this article, we’ll be looking at everything about guppy breeding. Tank Size Choosing the right tank size is vital to the health and happiness of these fish. They are […]

aquarium sponge filter

Aquarium Sponge Filter: What Is It and How Is It Useful?

Do you have a aquarium sponge filter to filter out water? It is a very old and traditional method of filtering out water. Though it is old, it is considered a very effective method of getting your aquarium free from the debris, uneaten food, and other garbage.  Today, we will have a look at the parts […]

swim bladder disorder

How To Treat Swim Bladder Disorder? (Detailed Information)

“I think my fish forgot how to swim. She is constantly floating.” “My fish is swimming with her tail upwards.” “Why my fish’s stomach seems swelled? Is she pregnant?” Ever heard these questions, experienced, or maybe right now, at this moment you are thinking about those right now? If yes, then let us get this straight […]

kissing gourami

Things To Know About The Kissing Gourami Before Giving The Pet Tag

I wish you should bring a new member to the family (stop thinking about a wife or girlfriend), here our idea of a new member is of a pet. We know you will say that it is very difficult to spend “me-time” in this 9-5 vicious cycle then how can I even afford to take […]