Fish Bowl

5 Best Fish Bowl For Your Fishes

Keeping fish as a pet has been a new trend these days. It is inexpensive and convenient for all people especially working people who do not get a lot of time to look after their pets. It is also easier to feed and take care of them. Moreover, they come in various shapes and sizes […]

dwarf gourami

Everything You Need To Know About The Dwarf Gourami

The Dwarf Gourami is local to Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. Nonetheless, it has likewise been generally appropriated outside of its local range. It possesses moderate moving waters in small rivers, streams, and lakes, happening in zones with abundant vegetation and many more. So today at Pets Nurturing we shall discuss the dwarf gourami and the […]

Silver Dollar Fish

Things You Should Know About Silver Dollar Fish

Silver Dollar Fish are distant cousins to the piranha and, truth be told, they’re local to the Amazon River yet they’re herbivores and they’re innocuous. They stick completely to a veggie lover diet. They can grow up to 6 creeps long and they’re wonderful to claim. Be that as it may, male silver dollar fish […]

Goliath tigerfish facts

Facts about the Goliath Tigerfish

When your name is Goliath, you’d higher be one whopping, fierce creature, and also the Goliath tigerfish (Hydrocynus goliath) undoubtedly lives up to its sobriquet. The most important one on record was nearly five feet long and weighed 154 pounds, the equivalent of a super-welterweight gladiator. And it outclasses alternative African fish in speed and […]

best aquarium

Home For Your Aquatic Friends

Fishes or any other aquatic mammals are really hard to keep alive at home because unlike other pets they cannot live on land, they need water body to survive and a proper maintenance is also required. Here are some of the amazing choices of best aquarium where your water friends can live peacefully. 5-Gallon Spec […]

pet fish types

Top 5 Freshwater Fish Types That Can Live In a Bowl/Small Aquarium

Looking for a suitable first pet for your child? There is nothing better than a pet fish. There are a lot of fish to choose from and a lot of information out there. And if you’re assuming that fish bowls and small fish tanks mean less maintenance and responsibility, you are completely wrong. Unfortunately, small […]