green cheek conure

Green Cheeked Conure: Get to Know About Them

Many pets we look at and get attracted to. We often feel like bringing one home who can be our companion and we can spend our moments. Parrots are one such kind of bird that can be joyful to live with. Today, we are going to discuss one such species of bird which is amazing […]

bird screaming

Screaming In Birds: Know The Causes And Ways To Lessen It

We usually have found our birds chirping very loud in the vicinity. Bird screaming is a natural phenomenon. Birds are very vocal animals. The Avians usually fly in numbers and to reach out the other flock, they scream. If we are having a bird as a pet in our home. Then we must not force […]

How Long Do Parakeets Live? Know Everything About Parakeets Lifespan

Are you a parrot lover? If you are one of those, I am pretty sure you must have heard of different species and types of parrot. One of the interesting species of Parrots is the Parakeets. Suppose, you are looking to adopt or buy a Parrot. In that case, you should consider the parakeets as […]

Parrot Lays an Egg

What to Do When Parrot Lays an Egg

Finding an egg can be pretty surprising to many parrot owners, especially if their pet didn’t have any access to any parrots of the opposite sex. Depending on the circumstances, there are several ways this situation can develop. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t panic. No matter what exactly happened, there are ways of dealing with it. This […]

African Grey Parrot

A Brief Breed Info on African Grey Parrot – Your Lifetime Companion

When we talk about pets, it isn’t just a dog or cat. It can be any animal that can be domesticate. So here in this article, we are going to talk about one of the exotic pet that is loved by their owners all over the world. We know every owner loves their babies, but […]

How to Train a Parakeet

Know How You Can Train Your Parakeet

The choice of pet is different and not everyone wants to have relatively big pets rather some people love birds. I wonder is there even a single person, who doesn’t like the bird chirps, I guess there is no such person like that. If you would look around then you would find a huge variety […]

Birds Laying Eggs

Things To Do If You Find Your Bird Laying Egg

If you are a bird lover and have a female bird in your home then there are certain things that you may need to know about her. Bird eggs laying is one such thing that is a very important thing that every bird owner should know about. Like any female human birds also go through […]

Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Beautiful Victoria Crowned Pigeon: Important Facts

Having a pet is a matter of choice and different people have different tastes of pets but some people love birds more than anything and if you are among them then you might have come across Victoria Crowned Pigeon and if not then you should watch that bird and you would be please to see […]

How Long Do Birds Live

Answers Behind How Long Do Birds Live?

It is generally consider difficult to extract information on the exact longevity of each and every bird in our surroundings. This is so because there are around 10000 different kinds of bird species in the world making it difficult to collect data on their life expectancy. So today in Pets Nurturing, we are going to tell […]