german shepherd names

German Shepherd Names: Most Popular to Most Unique Names

German shepherds are among the most popular dog breeds in the world. From being amazing companions and family dogs to determined and focused police dogs, they can be extremely versatile when it comes to their capabilities. German shepherds are extremely beautiful and intelligent dogs who are active and famous and loyal in nature. Every day thousands […]

nutra thrive

Nutra Thrive: A Boon or a Bane for Dogs and Cats

What is Nutra Thrive?  Nutra Thrive is a health supplement designed to improve the health of your pets. It’s available for both dogs and cats and is formulated according to their respective needs. Irrespective of your pet’s size, breed, gender, or age you can feed them Nutra thrive. Nutra thrive can be mixed fed to […]

silky terrier

Silky Terrier: Little Dog, Big Personality!

‘Silkies’ as the Australian silky terrier is often referred to, is a small dog with a big, bold spirit and excitement for life. Their small size requires delicate handling and does not qualify them as guard dogs but they’ll definitely warn you to keep intruders at bay. Their personality shows typical terrier traits, obviously. Which are […]


Huskypoo: The Siberian Doodle

Huskypoo is a cross of a Siberian husky and a Poodle. They are also known by the names Siberian poodle, siberpoo, pomsky and husky doodle. They are a highly active, sociable and extremely intelligent breed of designer dogs inheriting the best of both the parents and exhibiting hybrid vigour. They get a few unique qualities due […]

malshi puppies

Malshi: An Adorable Mix Dog Breed of Maltese and Shih Tzu

Malshi also known as Malti Zu, Shima, or Malt zoo is a mix of two extremely cute small breeds of dogs known as Maltese and Shih Tzu. Malshi has become extremely popular worldwide as it combines the cuteness of two different breeds in one. The origin of Malshi is traced back to the USA and Canada. […]

havapoo puppies

Havapoo Puppies: A Doodle of Havanese and Poodle

Havapoo or a Havanese Poodle mix is an extremely sweet-natured mix breed that has 50% genes of a Havanese and the rest 50% of a Poodle, both of which are breeds known for their amazing qualities. Let’s see Havapoo puppies. Havanese poodle mixes are also known as Havadoodles, Havanoodles, and Poovanese. They are sweet-natured charmers who […]

Cockapoo Puppies

Cockapoo Puppies: Small Dogs with Big Hearts

Cockapoo, one of the first and extremely adored designer dogs. The origin of the Cockapoo puppies dates back to the 1960s in England and America from two extremely popular breeds, namely the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle. Cockapoo puppies are also known as Cockerpoo, Cockadoodle, and Cockapoodle. They are a combination of the intelligence of a […]

best nail grinder for dogs

How to Find Out the Best Nail Grinder for Dogs

Dogs love getting their nails worked with, but they can be frustrating if you have to run back and forth between the sink and the floor, not to mention all the clutter in the kitchen! If you want to give your canine the best nail trimming experience possible, you’ll need to ensure the tools you […]

biewer terrier

Biewer Terrier: Adorable and Rare Breed Type

There’s a Biewer fever around and it’s hard not to catch it. With the latest addition to the AKC, these tiny new terriers are turning heads and stealing hearts. Biewer pronounced as ‘beaver’ is also known by the names biever a la pom pon, biewer yorkshire or biewer yorkie. Let’s know more about biewer terrier. Biewer terriers […]

how heavy should my dog be

How Heavy Should My Dog Be? A Detailed Weight Chart Of Dog Breeds

You might want to know how big and heavy your puppy might grow to be for various reasons like making sure they won’t be too big for your apartment or they’ll be big enough for comfy cuddles or just to check if they are healthy and not over or underweight and we are here to […]