Glen of Imaal Terrier

Glen of Imaal Terrier: A Dog with Hunting Skills and Fam-Love

Glen of Imaal Terrier, an under-rated breed, needs exposure to the world of pet lovers.  Are you planning to adopt a Glennie? Or just heard about it from your friend and now you are curious? Whatever the reason is, I am here to tell you about this frizzy and fluffy ball in detail. And I […]

Pet Sitter

Things That You Should Consider When Choosing a Pet Sitter

Introduction Since you can’t take your pet with you everywhere, sometimes you are forced to leave it. When thinking of leaving your pet, you can either leave it at a boarding facility or pick a house pet sitter. Taking your pet to a boarding facility can be horrible because of the unfamiliar environment. To avoid […]

dog training

Dog Trainer in Albuquerque is not Just About Correcting Behavior

Albuquerque, New Mexico, conjures the image of Southern cowboys riding their horses on a dusty street. Though this perspective is right to the point, Albuquerque is now a modern city with styles and influences gathered from the previous generation.The city is also home to over half a million inhabitants, with almost every household owning pets, […]

Dog Christmas Presents

9 Awwdorable Dog Christmas Presents – A Winter Preparation

Christmas is here! And you’re already receiving gifts from family and friends. Christmas is all about going to parties and enjoying. The same is for our beloved dogs. Many dog party events are organized for the same. Leave all this aside; we know you are here in search of dog Christmas presents. As a responsible and […]

Thanksgiving Food for Dogs

Which are the Thanksgiving Food for Dogs? Petsnurturing to Your Rescue

Thanksgiving is all about having fun and giving thanks. Do you know who deserves your ‘thank you’ the most? Your four-legged friend, who was there for you when no one was. A loyal and trustworthy friend. We know even you want to thank it with all your might. Then what are you stuck at? Don’t […]

game of thrones dire wolves

Wolf or Dog? – A Reality of Game of Thrones Dire Wolves Revealed

“When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.” Not just starks, but their pets also got famous with each season. Game of Thrones has its separate loyal fanbase. It’s like once a Wolf always a Wolf. After the seasons were released many fans who loved the […]

Dogo Argentino

Every Detail About The Dogo Argentino Before Getting It at Home

Dogs are human’s best friend and these are the friends that would never stab you no matter what so getting a dog is always better than a human friend. There are so many varieties of dogs available in the world so you would be able to get the desired one that would suit your personality. If […]

Kangal Dog

Things You Need To Know Before Getting A Kangal Dog

Few people cannot resist loving animals and having a pet that matches your personality is a blessing. If you would search then you would be able to see that dogs are the best companion of any human being and there are so many varieties of dogs that you would always be able to find your […]

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

All You Need to Know About Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies

Originally from Wales, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy was recognized by the American Kennel Club as a herding breed in 1934. At just a foot tall, they are the smallest of the herding kind, but they are athletic, have muscular thighs, and short legs. As many people want their own Pembroke Welsh Corgi breeders to do […]

Free Puppies

Everything That You Need To Know About Free Puppies

Being a dog lover you might always have wondered, where can I find free puppies? Reasons can be anything but everyone would love to have free puppies in the house and it is always better to get puppies for free rather than getting them from selling shops. We are not saying that getting a puppy with […]