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Do pets attract you? Do you love writing? 

You are in the right place then! Petsnurturing is a one-stop solution for all pet information and pet needs. We are passionate about the adorable world of pets and thus at Petnursing, you will get a piece of collective information about cat breeds and dog breeds, how you can take care of a pet, a variety of pet products, and even the most exotic pet types! Whether you are a pet blogger, pet lover, or a pet professional, we are your ultimate destination for sharing your thoughts, reviews, and information with Petsnurturing’s readers. 

Petsnurturing’s primary objective is to provide the best possible information related to pets to you. Regardless of whichever species you want to write about, our pet write for us section is always there for you. We always strive to work with professional guest post writers who have extensive experience with pets to add more value to our website. If you are one among them, let us communicate soon. 

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At Petsnurturing, we foster the attention of many readers across different countries and communities who are pet owners, pet caretakers, pet sellers, and even pet entrepreneurs. As because we serve a knowledgeable section of people who know a lot about pets, thus we expect our writers to have great knowledge about pets who can take Petsnurturing to the next level with their quality content and effective tips that pet-owners can follow in their real life. 

What are Petsnurturing’s Guest Post Policy and Guidelines? 

Petsnurturing is all about quality writing! If you want to contribute your pet-based writings to us, you need to make sure that you are delivering us high-quality articles and blogs. So, before you reach out to us with your articles, don’t forget the below facts:

The minimum word count of your content should be around 800-1000 words. You can obviously go ahead and write more. We will be happy to publish that as well. 

The contents that you submit to us should be uniquely created. Make sure you are not copying them from anywhere else and there’s no plagiarism detected. We ensure to provide only fresh copies to our readers with extraordinary information on pets. So, please refrain from sending us an article or blog that has been published before. 

You need to also ensure that the information is structured properly in your content with proper headings and subheadings that are easy to read and comprehend. 

Make sure you are adding a creativity factor to your content to make it more engaging. It will ensure your articles and blogs are read more. 

Last but not the least, you are sending us only well-researched copies. 

 Note – If you can share any of your previously written blogs with us while pitching, we will be happy to read that to know your style of writing before publishing your content on our website. 

What Topics do Petsnurturing Cover?

Petsnurturing is all about pets! We cover a wide array of topics which include: 

At Petsnurturing, you can write on any pet topic as per your choice. Also, you need to check whether the keywords that you are planning to use are preferred by us or not by checking out the articles already posted on our platform. All that you need to do is just by searching for that through the icon in the top right corner of Petsnurturing’s website. 

What are Petsnurturing’s Link Requirements and Policy?

Petsnurturing doesn’t appreciate such blogs that have external links more than required. You need to keep in mind the below guidelines to ensure your link placement suits us:

Ø  Place at least one internal link in the content to make the information easily accessible.

Ø  You can place relevant links in the content, but make sure they are not spammy. This one isn’t necessary, we will optimize the content from our end as well, but if you have any specific link that you think will add value to the content, place it.

Ø  We don’t accept any kind of affiliated links from the guest author’s side. So if found any, they will either be removed or changed.

Ø  You will get full credibility of the content as you can give your Author Bio. Make sure to add the descriptive bio, name, and image. (Optional)

Ø  Author Bio is something that adds credibility and emphasizes the authenticity of the content

What are Petsnurturing’s Post Image Requirements?

At Petsnurturing, we accept unique images from you along with your blogs. The header image that you will provide us along with your blogs should be of a clear dimension of 750 * 415. You are not allowed to take images from such websites that don’t allow you to do so, else you might face copyright issues. But, the most preferable way to send us an image with your blog is to create one!

Editorial Policies:

Our editorial team is very clear about high-quality content. The editorial team of Petsnurturing is an efficient one. We believe in quality so our editors make sure to review your content cautiously and make changes if needed. The reviewing criteria of our editorial team include checking for grammatical errors, sentence structure formation, etc.

Promotion for Articles:

You just give your content to us and we will do the rest. Don’t worry and stay with ease. We will do the promotion for you. We will do the best SEO practices once the article is posted. We will promote the article on our social media platforms, and you also do the same.

So, with us, you can be sure that your article will reach hundreds of people and you will eventually enjoy all the benefits of guest posting. Are you ready to submit? Read below:

How and Where to submit?

Once you have curated the article as per our guidelines, re-read, finalize and submit it to us on petsnurturing@gmail.com.

If you have any doubt regarding the topics that we cover, keyword density that we prefer, or anything else, you can contact us without any second thought. We are always proactive to reply to your queries. As said, we have a team of professional editors, likewise, our SEO experts are also immensely knowledgeable and efficient. 

If they find everything about your blogs clear and easy, they will publish them as soon as possible. And last but not the least, they will send an acknowledgment email to you. 

How to Find Petsnurturing?

You can discover or find us in the wide ocean of Google through a few search terms. So, here’s the list to find us and the same niche websites through search terms:

  • write for us pet 
  • food “write for us”
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