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Before we move ahead to the discussion on guest post requirements and guidelines, here’s a brief overview of the website.

At PetsNurturing, you will find articles providing information about cat breeds and dog breeds, taking care of a pet, different pets products for making their life more comfortable, and even exotic pet types. You might have already read the blog on our website. If not, check them out.

Our venture’s single motive is to provide the best available information related to pets, regardless of their species. We continuously look for guest post writers that can add more value to the website.

So if you are in the right place, don’t worry!

We have also gathered a great number of readers from different countries and communities like pet owners, pet caretakers, or even entrepreneurs. This is why we look for a writer that can provide quality content and the best practices that a reader can follow in real-life.

Let’s look at our:

Guest Post Policy and Guidelines:

Here’s the list of pointers that you need to consider before writing a guest post article for our website. 

Quality Requirements:

  • The minimum word count length of the content is around 800 to 1000 words. You can write an extensive blog too! We will be honoured to update that as well.
  • The content should be freshly curated by you. Make sure it has no plagiarism detected. We try to provide our readers with fresh and untreated information on pets. So please don’t send us the already published article.
  • Try to frame the structured data with proper subheadings and bulleted points that are easy to read and comprehend.
  • Add a bit of creativity to curate engaging content. It will hold our readers till the end and provide them with needed information.

P.S: You can also add links to your existing blog while pitching for the blogpost! We would love to read them and know your writing style.

Preferred Topic and Subjects:

Our website posts articles on topics related to pets. So here are the topics that you can write on for getting the foremost preference:

You can write on anything that will nurture the articles related to pets on our website. You can also check whether the keyword or article you are writing is already posted or not on our website. How? By searching it on the website through the icon on the top right corner.

Link Requirements and Policy:

We don’t accept blogs that link outside the website more than needed. So here’s the guideline that will help you in placing the links correctly:

  • Place at least one internal link in the content to make the information easily accessible.
  • You can place relevant links in the content, but make sure they are not spammy. This one isn’t necessary, we will optimize the content from our end as well, but if you have any specific link that you think will add value to the content, place it.
  • We don’t accept any kind of affiliated links from the guest author’s side. So if found any, they will either be removed or changed.
  • You will get full credibility of the content as you can give your Author Bio. Make sure to add the descriptive bio, name, and image. (Optional)

Note: Author Bio is something that adds credibility and emphasizes the authenticity of the content.

Post Image Requirements:

Make sure the image you provide for the header has the dimension of 750*415. Don’t take images from the sources you are not allowed to or may face copyright issues. You can also create your own picture (most preferable).

Editorial Policies:

Note that we have the right to edit your article if needed and may also ask for changes wherever required. Our experts will do a review of the content. The reviewing criteria include grammatical errors and content formation.

Promotion for Articles:

Stay at ease! We will do the best SEO practices once the article is posted. We will promote the article on our social media platforms, and you also do the same.

So are you ready to write the article for our website? Want to avail the benefits of guest posting? See the below section to guide yourself to our inbox.

How and Where to submit?

Once you have curated the article as per our guidelines, re-read, finalize and submit it to us on petsnurturing@gmail.com.

If you have a doubt regarding the topic or want to discuss the topic further, feel free to contact us on the above-mentioned e-mail. As said, our editors and SEO experts will review your content after receiving it.

If everything is good to go, we will post it on the website. You will receive the live link and acknowledgement through the mail.

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Thank you for taking an interest in posting an article on our website and working with us. We will be awaiting your mail with super-engaging content. Stay in touch!