Tips On Cat Teeth Cleaning

Oral problems are such a pain and for animals, the pain doubles because they cannot express the problem they are facing and eventually they stop eating from the pain they face which leads to health issues that can go worse than ever. Cats tend to get oral issues a lot and when you domesticate a cat the surrounding doesn’t let the cat clean its teeth naturally. A cat usually gets 30 teeth in total which grows completely once they step adulthood but taking care of teeth is not that easy for cats so it is you who needs to be careful about oral care of your cat. Now oral care of a cat is not like taking care of your teeth and it needs more efforts as well. If you are wondering about cat dental cleaning then here are some tips on Cat Teeth Cleaning that you need to check out:

Be Alert

Cat Teeth Cleaning

There are some symptoms of oral problems and bad breath has to be one of them and this one symptom is similar even for humans and dogs. Now, if you are getting a kind of fish like the smell from your cat’s mouth then it is completely fine but if the breath would start getting stronger and would convert into a fuel smell then it is a matter of concern and you should not take the matter lightly at all. Here you would have to be careful and you should observe the smell of your cat’s breath. Here if the breath would smell like fuel then the chances are that your cat has already got tooth decay and the situation can even lead to gum problems if you would not take immediate actions.

Do Not Miss Yearly Oral Check-up Of Your Cat

Oral Checkup of cat

Even if you would be vigilant about the issue but then also you may skip the oral problem that your cat might be facing so it is very important to take your cat to an oral check up on yearly basis. This helps a lot and even if there would be any problem then the vets would get the problem resolved and so your cat would be free from any pain. Here the pet specialist would also be able to provide you with techniques that you can follow to clean your cat’s teeth. You can also get specific Cat Toothpaste and other oral care things from Cat Dental Care center which would help you a lot in keeping the oral health of your cat on the point. Most people lack in this step of taking the cat to the dental care but it is very important otherwise your cat may continue to suffer.

Be With Your Cat Throughout The Oral Checkup Session

Cat oral checkup session

Now the fact cannot be denied that we human hate visiting the dentist and shockingly the same thing goes for the pets as well and they may feel scared while the checkup would proceed so it is very important for you to be with your cat throughout the checkup time so that your cat could be relaxed. If you would be with your cat throughout the checkup time then you would also be able to understand things in a better way and so it would be easy for you to take care of your cat’s teeth later on. The process would end fast if you would be able to tell the vet about all the problem that your cat is facing and also, you would also be able to tell about the symptoms as well because there are chances that your cat may not have bleeding teeth when she would visit the vet but at home, she might suffer from bleeding teeth.

Make The Cleaning Routine

Cat Teeth Cleaning routine

Just like kids, the cat would also take some time to accept the brushing and all routine which is quite hard but at the same time, it is not impossible at all. You need to make habituate about brushing while the cat is still, a baby because once the cat would start growing up it would become more resistant so she might not let you clean or brush her teeth which on a long run would be very bad for the cat. While your cat is young you can start the process but you cannot use a brush at such young age of your cat and instead, you can gauze or cot with some toothpaste on it so the cat could become familiar with the toothpaste taste and latter on the brushing process would be less problematic for you. You can attract your kitty by dipping the gauze in some tuna water so your kitty would be attracted to the gauze and you would easily be able to clean your cat’s teeth with the gauze as well as with the toothpaste. You can Follow The Guide To Clean A Cat’s Teeth for a better idea.

Know the Cleaning Process And The Products To Be Used

Cat Teeth Cleaning Process

If you would use the regular toothpaste of human on your cat then there are chances that your cat would fall sick and the situation can eventually, become worse than you can even imagine. Fluoride that is present in the toothpaste that we use is not at all good for your cat rather it can react badly on your cat. Luckily now there are special kinds of toothpaste available in the market that is specially made for cats and there are so many flavors of toothpaste which your cat would enjoy and once your cat would get familiar with the flavor then you can pull back you cat and open her mouth to gently clean her teeth and you can also get the brush to her for chewing as this also helps a lot in this process of cleaning the teeth. You cannot use you Toothbrush For Your Kitty or cat rather there is kitty brush available in the market which you can get or you can use your fingers covered in gauze as well as toothpaste in order to get your cat’s teeth cleaned.

Stimulate Your Cat’s Gum

Cat Teeth Cleaning

Now gum problems are real and this is more dangerous than any teeth problem because gum problem can make every tooth suffer and gum problem can also, turn into teeth problem at the same time so it is very important to take care of your cat’s gums as well. Now if your cat’s gum appears red as well as irritated all the time and if your cat tends to have bleeding gum then it is the sign that now you would have to get gum treatment for your cat. In order to maintain healthy gums, you can massage your cat’s gum with a little bit of your cat’s toothpaste for a while so your cat’s gum would heal if anything is wrong there and also gum message helps in stronger gums at the same time. Be gentle while you massage your cat’s gum otherwise you may end up hurting your cat which can make your cat scare and she might not want to open her mouth for cleaning later on.

Good Food

Cat eating food

Now if you would get your cat unhealthy food then it can worsen the oral condition of your cat and your cat would also suffer from bad health conditions. It is very important for you to decide on your cat’s food and you should not feed your cat everything that you are eating because of that may seem delicious to your cat but this can prove to be deadly for your cat as well, and your cat may get trapped into sickness. It is important for you to get your cat something a little hard after they get teeth because they feel like chewing up hard things. You can feed your cat with fish which they love and besides that, you can also get your cats a little portion of beef or chicken and you can also make her drink milk as milk is said to be very healthy food for cats. For cats some Best Grain-Free Cat Food is advisable.

Control Your Treats

Cat Chewing bones

Unnecessary treats or treats in the wrong time can actually lead to oral problems in your cat. Now to be very practical cleaning or cat’s teeth happen once in two days or so and if you would continue to feed your cat all the time with treats then there are chances that the food residue would affect the oral health of your cat and that can make the situation go worse and the suffering actually starts here from unnecessary treats. However, giving your cat treats is also very important but that should be in a moderate way so that oral health could be fine.

Get Them Some Bones to Chew

Cat Teeth Cleaning

Chewing in bones or such hard things would help in strengthening your cat’s teeth and moreover, they are predator animals so having bones has to be natural for them which you should also provide them with. Bones actually help in keeping the gums as well as teeth healthy at the same time. It is better to get your cat some chicken bones as well as fish bones as they are said to be softer so your cat would not end up breaking her teeth while chewing on the bones. This can be a part of the regular diet of your cat or you can consider giving one once in two days to your cat.

You should not wait for the said date of checkup once you notice something wrong with the oral condition of your cat rather you should always take action immediately otherwise it can be too late for your cat.

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