Dog Bites Cases

Seattle has a very dog-friendly feel and atmosphere, with numerous beautiful parks and outdoor spaces. However, dog owners in this city need to make sure they can control their animals and ensure their pets don’t cause unreasonable harm or injury to others.

If you’re bitten by a dog, you need to know your rights and the options available for recovering compensation.

Washington follows a strict liability system. According to state law, people who own dogs are responsible for any harm or injury they cause, regardless of whether the owner knows about it or the dog’s history of aggression. Unlike certain other states that use the one-bite rule, Washington State doesn’t require instances of prior aggression for one to determine liability.

Besides strict liability, negligence can also play a huge role when it comes to dog bites in Seattle. Dog owners in this city are responsible for making sure they control their animals at all times and ensuring that their dogs don’t threaten other people. This includes making sure your dog is properly restrained when it’s in public places, preventing it from exhibiting aggressive behavior, and controlling it whenever necessary.

If the owner of a dog is deemed negligent when it comes to restraining or controlling their dog, then they can be held responsible for any injuries or harm they cause. In Seattle, you are required to keep your dog on a leash whenever you’re in public areas. If dog owners allow their pets to roam free in public areas and the animal attacks someone, the owner can be held liable for the losses the victim sustains.

It’s essential to keep in mind that Seattle has several dog parks where owners can allow their dogs to roam free without a leash. However, it is still important for the owners to make sure their animals are safe around others.

Handling Dog Bite Cases in Seattle

Handling Dog Bite Cases

If a dog bites you in the city of Seattle, there are a few steps you need to take in order to safeguard your legal rights and make sure your case is handled properly. Getting in touch with Seattle dog bite lawyers will help you know what steps to take when it comes to safeguarding your rights. For starters, you need to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Even if the bite doesn’t seem too serious for you, it’s important to make sure a medical or healthcare provider examines your injuries as well as any potential ailments, including

  • Fractures
  • Nerve damage
  • Tendon or ligament injuries
  • Puncture wounds
  • Lacerations
  • Contusions
  • Hematomas
  • Infections
  • Rabies exposure

Next, you need to collect as much information as you can about both the dog owner and the dog itself. You need to get all their contact information, as well as any other relevant insurance details, if you want to initiate a legal claim. Take pictures of all the injuries you’ve sustained from the attack immediately, or as soon as you possibly can. These photographs will act as visual records that you can use as evidence in your personal injury claim.

Recovering Compensation

You can seek compensation for damages caused by the dog, including:

  • Medical expenses: For expenses like surgeries, medicines, medical care, and any other necessary therapy or rehabilitation treatment.
  • Lost wages: If the injuries or harm caused by the dog have rendered you unable to work, then you can seek compensation to recover lost wages.
  • Pain and suffering: This is another compensation package you can pursue in the event you get bitten by a dog in Seattle. It includes compensation for the physical pain and emotional suffering a dog bite victim goes through.

Additional Information on Dog Bites

Information on Dog Bites

Does a Dog Bite Cause Psychological Trauma?

Being bitten by a dog results in serious complications. This includes everything, from scars and bleeding to breaking bones. On the other hand, there has been a spectrum of psychological conditions that develop after the dog attack.

Once the victim gets bitten by the dog, there is a strong possibility that the victim can experience the traumatic experience for some time. It also can lead to the risk of:

  • Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Cynophobia
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

Dog Bites from a Dog You Were Petting

If you were bitten by a dog while petting it, there are chances that it may not help in your compensation claim. However, if the dog had dangerous characteristics, then the owner could be held liable for not informing the victim to stay away from it. This is applicable even if the owner is not available at that time.

Negligence Claims Involving Dogs

Negligence claims can be made by the victim if the dog exhibits aggressive behavior and the owner ignores it. In this case, strict liability laws are applied. Also, the laws vary according to the state’s jurisdiction. In Seattle, the strict liability law is applicable, and the owner can be held liable for the dog’s actions.

Leash Law Compliance

The leash law is a way of determining the owner’s liability. As Seattle requires all dogs to be leashed, if a dog injures someone in a public area, then the owner will be held liable.

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