Dog Christmas Outfit

It is the most magical time of the year. You can feel the spirit of the season and joy amongst us. People are a little extra joyful as they shop for gifts.To get your home ready, you must have already put up the tree and the decoration.  You may also have picked out the outfits for the holiday parties and Christmas day.  Now, you need to get the doggo into a holiday outfit.

Here are some fabulous Christmas dress-up ideas for your four-legged friend;

1. Elf Outfits

Dog Christmas Outfits: Elf Outfits

Elf outfits are the perfect holiday idea for your dog. They are also effortless to put together. All you need is some elf hats and a green onesie to dress up your doggo into the perfect little helper.

Of course, how much help he will be around wrapping gifts is anybody’s guess.  Chances are he will likely want to play tug with the wrapping paper roll, shred the paper, or run away with the wrapping supplies altogether.  Be sure to catch these antics on camera and post them on your social feeds to spread that holiday cheer around!

2. Reindeer Antlers and Bow Ties

Dog Christmas Outfits: Reindeer Antlers and Bow Ties

Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer, is another iconic representation of everything Christmas.  It is also one of the best inspirations for pet outfits for Christmas – after all, Rudolph is one of Santa’s many pets.

Reindeer antler headbands are a perfect dress-up idea for the dog that fusses with outfits. These antlers can also come with little bells that jingle when your dog is on the move to keep that holiday jingle bells going. If elves were not your dog’s thing, consider Rudolph.

You can also add on a Christmas-themed bow tie collar to pull the look together. The jingle bells can also be put on little bow ties too.  Another cute, but low-effort costume idea is a Ty Tag, which you can easily attach to your dog’s collar.

The sound it makes helps you keep track of the dog in a chaotic, messy time of the year with too many temptations around for your dog to be naughty. More on that in the next section.

3. The Famous Ugly Christmas Sweater

Dog Christmas Outfits: The Famous Ugly Christmas Sweater

This is another classic dress-up idea for just about anybody in the family. The good news is that it can be used and re-used year after year and even become a signature look!

So, consider getting your doggo the famous ugly Christmas sweater of his own to sport around the Christmas season. The good news is this is one of those things you can make yourself.

You can take any old Christmas sweater, cut a hole in it, and make it an oversized parka-like sweater for your pup.  You can also shop for the perfect little Christmas sweater for your dog to bring him to your Christmas portrait.

4. Cozy Onesies and Pajamas

Dog Christmas Outfits: Cozy Onesies and Pajamas

Christmas time is also wintertime in the northern hemisphere. If a white Christmas is most likely in the books for your region, you are probably already preparing your winter clothes and getting them ready for when it gets super chilly.

Now, don’t let the fur coats on your dog fool you. Our dogs feel the chill in the air just the same as us.  So, they too, will need some winter protection.  This is where you can consider cozy onesies and pajamas as holiday outfits for your dog.

This primarily works for short-haired dogs like Labs, Chihuahuas, or Dachshunds, but it goes perfectly well for any other breed. You will cover both functions and festive fashions all at once.

Now keeping it on your dog might be a challenge if they are not used to it – hope you played dress up with them often enough!

Be sure to take good care of your dog during those harsh cold months of winter.

5. Oversized Santa Hats

Dog Christmas Outfits: Oversized Santa Hats

This is another simple iconic dress-up idea.

Consider a simple Santa hat with a headband if your dog is not a fan of full-body costumes and outfits. You can even get Santa hats that fit the size of the dog’s head, or you can purposefully keep them oversized.

Oversized Santa hats make for the best dog photos, and they are cheap and cheerful options for your dog’s Christmas dress-up.

Speaking of portrait photos, you may need to give the photo time some thought. Make sure the dog is in good spirits and in good health on the day of the photography.

Be sure to take them out for a nice walk before you decide to take photos. Snap a few pics outside in the snow, then take a few indoors.

Bring the camera down to their eye level, surround them with some holiday decor, and use treats to catch their eyes and take perfect photos.

Note on Pet Safety During Christmas

Note on Pet Safety During Christmas

Holidays are a chaotic time – with so little time to get your home ready for Christmas and get through the long list of gift wish lists.  The mall lineups, the work Christmas party, the friend shindig before the holiday, getting the kids organized, buying all the gifts, wrapping them, the holiday baking, shopping for the tree, and decorating the house and putting up the lights, are just some of the few things on your list of things to do.

Needless to say, Christmas can be hectic.  So, naturally, we don’t have much time to dedicate to the family dog.

This can lead to some issues for the doggo – who simply may not understand why he is unable to spend as much time with his humans.

This can lead to boredom and mischief.  Some pet psychologists call it their attempt to get attention, and others call it their need for mental stimulation, but whatever it is, the temptations for the dog to get into what we consider trouble are huge.

There is also way too much stuff around – from holiday treats, candy canes, chocolates, and cookies, to tinsel and a giant shiny tree that looks like a fun house to the pet.

Like every other holiday, pet safety is a big concern for Christmas too. Here are some tips on how to keep your pet safe during the holidays:

1. Remove Temptation from Reach

keep all the candy, chocolate, cookies, and gingerbread house out of reach from the dog. Make sure they are in elevated spaces where the dog cannot reach.

Teach your kids to keep an eye on anything the dog can ingest and keep that stuff away.

2. Never Leave the Dog Unattended Around the Tree

Hopefully, you have trained your dog to be around his surroundings at home.

Even so, the giant tree, the crinkly stuff on it, and the mysterious-looking boxes with shiny, crinkly wrapping are all too tempting for the dog. So, be sure never to leave him unattended around the tree.

3. Give Him Lots of Playtime and Exercise

Giving your dog lots of mental stimulation with activities to keep him away from boredom and mischief is essential.  So, even though the holidays are hectic, it is important to not ignore your doggy duties.

Ask your partner or the kids to help out with the dog more, but make sure to give him enough play time, interaction time, and walks during the day. If nobody at home has extra time to dedicate to fido, consider hiring a dog walker to ensure the dog gets enough walk times and attention. A tired dog is a happy dog and is a dog away from tinsel and candy cane!


So, there you have it.  We have covered some basic but fabulous Christmas dress-up ideas for your dog.

Our pets are a large part of our family experience. They give us unconditional love, depend on us for their life needs, and shower us with kisses and cuddles. They deserve all the cutest outfits, treats, and extra attention from us during the holidays. Be sure to keep your dog safe during this holiday season too.

All the best to you and your family and Merry Christmas!

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