Dog Suffering From Chronic Boredom

As humans, we have plenty of jobs, activities, and daily chores to keep us engaged throughout the day. Even when we don’t have anything to do, we end up binge watching entire seasons worth of episodes in a few days. Armed with thousands of entertainment options even we cannot escape the occasional bouts of boredom. This should give you a clue on how easy it is for dogs to feel bored. Dogs crave company and playtime, but they often have to spend hours alone with nothing to do.

It’s your responsibility as a loving pet parent, to ensure your dog has enough things to keep itself engaged when you are not around or not available for your pet. Find discount pet items online that provides mental stimulation and keeps your dog busy. Keep in mind that a bored dog would actively go on an exploratory mission in an attempt to entertain itself. That may lead to undesirable and destructive behaviours. The following are 8 things you can do to keep behavioural problems at bay and to ensure your dog escapes the traps of chronic boredom.

1. Hide Treats Around The House For An All-Day-Long Scavenger Hunt

Buy toys that allow you to stuff them with treats and hide them around the house. The scavenger hunt will surely keep your dog engaged for hours on end.

2. Find New Walking Routes To Keep Things Interesting

A great walk can keep your dog mentally stimulated for hours. To keep things fresh, find new locations and routes every now and then.

Dog walking

3. Socialize Your Dog With Other Dogs

If your dog loves to mix with other dogs, then encourage your pet to make new canine friends. Team up with a fellow dog parent and go dog walking together. You can also take your pet to a show or a dog park.

4. Train Your Pet To Perform Simple Tasks

A dog that feels useful is far less likely to feel bored. Once basic training is over, train your dog to perform simple tasks. This can be anything from fetching the newspaper to finding a specific item.

Dog Getting Trained

5. Create A Space For Your Dog Near A Window

Dogs love to see what’s going on outside. Therefore, a glass window with the view of the road is almost like primetime television for them. Create a space for your pet to binge watch people, cars, other dogs, and keep a lookout for their mortal enemies, cats.

6. Buy Multiple Beds And Place Them In Different Rooms

Placing multiple beds in different rooms gives your dog a reason to move around the house. Place a different toy on each bed and see if they are displayed at the end of the day.

Dog Suffering From Chronic Boredom

7. Hire A Dog Walker To Come In When You Are At Work

If you have to leave your dog alone at home, then this is a great solution. Hire a dog walker to show up in the middle of the day to take your pet for a walk and spend some quality time.

8. Don’t Ignore The Importance Of Bouncy Rubber Balls

Chew toys are great, but nothing compares to the bouncy fun of a classic rubber ball. Make sure the ball is made from safe materials as dogs tend to chew on them for long hours. Your dog would probably train itself to drop the ball and then chase it around the house. Now that’s self-sufficiency.

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