How Long Is a Dog in Heat

If you own a female dog as your pet, then you should be aware of its heat cycle. When a female dog becomes 6 months old, she will start experiencing heat twice a year.If you own a female dog, are a pet lover, or are into animal studies, this blog will be very beneficial for you. Here, you will learn one of the female dog’s most crucial things: Let’s see how long a dog is in heat.

The dog will be available for mating when she is in heat. During this time, she will begin attracting male dogs. 

Let’s learn everything we can about the dog’s estrus cycle and heat cycle. 

When Does Heat Start?

The heat stage starts when the dog is about six months old, and in smaller breeds, it may start when the dog is four months old. In the same way, the bigger breed may also experience heat later; it may begin when they are 18 months to 24 months old.

It is suggested not to breed young female dogs when they are in the first and second cycles. The reason is that the eggs are still not mature, and there is still time to reach full maturity. 

How Long a Dog Is in the Heat?

Now, let’s see how long is a dog in heat.

For 3 to 21 days, female dogs in the estrus period will exhibit heart-related symptoms. Nine days on average, come to mind. 

If we talk about how long a dog is in heat for the first time, then its answer is three to four weeks. Let’s see how often do dogs go into heat.

As previously stated, the dogs will have two heat cycles per year, although each dog’s cycle will last a different amount of time. 

So, now it is obvious how long a dog stays in the heat.

How Long is Each Cycle?

How Long is Each Heat Cycle of Dog

Here, we will study how long dogs are in heat.

Each cycle typically lasts between 15 and 30 days. Female dogs won’t be ready to mate with male dogs in the early stages of the cycle, although some may be responsive throughout the entire cycle. Let’s see how long is a dog in heat for.

When all of the vulvae reach their regular size and the bleeding stops, you will know the cycle is over. Let’s see how long does a dog stay in heat.

Is Heating a Lifetime Thing?

Once the heat cycle begins, it will take some time to become regular. Some dogs can take up to one and a half years till the cycle becomes regular. Look at how long are dogs in heat.

Once the cycle becomes regular, it will come after every six months. So, the answer is two times a year for people who have doubts about how often dogs go into heat. Smaller breeds might go into heat more frequently; it might happen three to four times a year. And when it comes to the larger canines, they might go into heat every 12 to 18 months.

The majority of pet owners decide to neuter female dogs before the first heat. The danger of breast cancer and other hazardous illnesses is thought to be reduced by spaying. 

The Heat Cycle 

The heat cycle has four important phases, as follows:

1. Proestrus

It takes seven to 10 days for the heat to start. The vulva on your dog starts to expand and drain. She will begin to stand out for male canines, yet she isn’t yet prepared for a relationship.

2. Estrus

This period is viewed as the mating season. The draining decreases and even quits during this period, which endures 5 to 10 days. The canine is ready to mate as of now. 

3. Diestrus

There are 10 to 140 days in this stage. As of now, your canine may be pregnant or not. 

4. Anestrus

This six-month period of inactivity comes before the next heat cycle. 

What are the Common Behaviors of a Female Dog in Heat?

Here are the common behaviors of a female dog in heat:

  1. Increased licking
  2. More friendly with the male dogs
  3. Change in tail position
  4. Reduced energy
  5. Loss in appetite
  6. Become stressed easily

Do remember that these common behaviors of a female dog in heat may also come with many diseases which are not at all related to the estrus cycle. So, make sure to contact the vet if you see any changes in your cat’s behavior. 

How to Handle a Female Dog in the Heat?

Here is how to handle a female dog in the heat:

1. Don’t Let the Dog in the Yard Alone

Don’t leave the dog alone in the heat; go with your dog wherever she goes. You may also choose to use a leash. Most importantly, make sure to keep your female dogs away from the other sex dogs. 

2. Use Leash

As we said above, make sure to use a leash when she is in the heat. Even if your dog is trained well, use the leash. 

3. Menthol on the Tip of Her Tail

When you take your female dog outdoors, applying the menthol on its tail tip is a good way to hide the scent smell. Thus, a male dog also won’t be able to detect the scent. 

4. Establish a Balance Between Physical Activity & Sleep

Each dog may react differently to the heat. Some feel tired throughout the day, while some become restless. It is essential to observe your dog’s behavior and ensure they get the right amount of rest and exercise. It will help your dog in a comfortable position. 

5. Consult a Vet

Being a heat is not any type of disease, but it is good if you consult your vet. A vet will tell you what you need to take care of when your female dog is in heat. 

How Can I Prevent My Dog from Getting Pregnant in Heat?

How Can I Prevent My Dog from Getting Pregnant in Heat

Various types of surgeries can be useful can avoid your dog from becoming pregnant.

Ovariohysterectomy is the most common spaying procedure. Here, the ovaries & uterus are removed. However, pet owners generally do not go for this procedure. Instead, they prefer ovariectomy, which is a procedure where ovaries are removed. This procedure is quick to perform, and dogs also recover quickly. 

Look for a veterinarian who can perform a hysterectomy (where the uterus is removed, but the ovaries are left in place) or a tubal ligation surgery (where the dog’s fallopian tubes are cut and/or blocked) if the owner wants to prevent pregnancy their dogs but also wants to preserve the source & influence of the female’s sexual hormones. 

Spaying the Dog

If you spay your dog, she will not have to face the heat cycle, nor will she become pregnant. It is said that you should get your dog spayed before the first heat. However, this process can also be done when the heat has been completed. Through scanning, pregnancy, and many other risks, such as mammary cancer and uterine infection, can be reduced. 

How Long Does the Bleeding Last While Dog is in Heat?

Let’s see how long a dog in heat bleeds.

A dog that is in heat may bleed for seven to ten days. The female dog and the male dog cannot mate at this time. Let’s see how long is a dog in heat for the first time.

So, the question, “How long does the bleeding last while a dog is in heat?” would suddenly have an obvious answer. 


How Long Is a Female Dog in Heat?

The answer to how long is a female dog in heat is 3 to 21 days. 

How Long Does a Dog Bleed When in Heat?

The dogs bleed for roughly 7 to 10 days during the heart.

How Often Do Dogs Go in Heat?

The dogs go into heat twice a year. 

Do Dogs in Heat Suffer Pain?

The dogs are not in agony while they are in heat. 

Can a Female Dog Be Stopped from Going into Heat?

Your veterinarian can recommend a variety of treatments to interrupt the heat cycle. 

Final Thoughts :

So, here we conclude our blog on how long is a dog in heat. We have mentioned everything about the heat cycle of the dog. So, if you plan to adopt a female dog, this blog will be very helpful.

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