Grooming Your Dog At Home

To keep your dog looking healthy clean and fresh you can easily groom them at home using these 5 steps. Regular grooming is also extremely essential for the health of your pet. Professional groomers cost a lot and go through a process that you can easily DIY at home. If your dog has been looking a bit shabby and haggard recently and there are no feasible grooming options in your area then here are five steps how to groom a dog at home.

Safety is also a very big issue while grooming your dog. It is something that every dog owner fears. Also, not grooming properly can make your dog look shabby and unclean especially after your dog sweats or goes out to have fun in the mud. Today, at Pets Nurturing we will go through five simple steps that you can use to groom your dog and make him or her look like a million bucks very easily. 

Start With A Basic Bath

how to groom a dog at home

A through wash is needed before anything else to get rid of the dirt and oil on the fur. For this, you should always use dog friendly shampoos and products so that the product doesn’t give rashes or orientation to your dog. After this clean him properly and towel dry gently or use a dryer to dry the fur. Ensure that your dog isnt wet or damp for very long.

Get Rid Of Mats And Tangles In Fur

how to groom a dog at home

Take care to brush out your dogs hair and get rid of mats and tangles. Ignoring this step can cause problems with your end result. Detangling and dematting can help avoid this situation. You can use scissor to trim off any large mats and tangles for a better grooming.

Make Use Of Clippers

how to groom a dog at home

When you are a beginner and are grooming your dog you need to invest on proper clippers and use it to trim your dogs hair. Purchase and attach some small clip on combs into your chosen clippers so as to keep your dogs skin safe and allows you to keep your dogs fur onto a decent length. It also helps to maintain safety and prevent accidents. Always ensure that you have pulled the skin taut before clipping or your dogs skin might get injured. Also ensure that you have gentle your dog because movement may cause problems with the clipping. Also, do not forget to include the underbelly and the legs while clipping.

Use Thinning Shears

how to groom a dog at home

In the wake of completing with the scissors, use diminishing shears to refine your pooch’s look and trim around sensitive territories like the eyes and feet. You could likewise utilize diminishing shears around the face to abstain from leaving lines and checks like scissors would. Rather than utilizing scissors, diminishing shears will leave a decent, delicate trim.

When you do it with the scissors, it will leave a more honed line. Diminishing shears will give your puppy a progressively normal look, and the plan of the shears encourages you stay away from unintentionally cutting your pooch when you trim around those troublesome regions like the nose, feet and eyes.

Remember To Trim The Nails

how to groom a dog at home

One of the trickier pieces of figuring out how to prep a puppy is cutting their nails. Your canine needs standard nail cutting to forestall foot issues. On the off chance that you feel afraid of cutting your pooch’s nails, then don’t fear – you may very well need the correct apparatus and a little skill. Begin by obtaining legitimately structured puppy nail trimmers. Never use nail trimmers intended for people, which can really part and harm hound nails.

In the event that you need more certainty when cutting your canine’s nails, request that your vet show you how to hold a pooch while cutting and how to edge the nail scissors. Begin by taking a gander at the nails from the side. The speedy lives underneath and is in the fat piece of the nail. On the off chance that you cut the fast, your pooch can drain, so point the nail scissors so they face far from this zone. It’s additionally essential to have somebody hold the puppy amid nail cutting. The most vital piece of cutting nails is having a decent holder.

In the event that you don’t have a decent holder, it makes it unpleasant for everyone. That is the reason hounds are so hesitant to have their nails cut. By going through these five steps you can easily make your dog look and feel great and also save on a few extra bucks by doing it yourself rather than paying a professional. However, safety is a big concern that needs to be kept in mind and also the health of your pet. If you have a rare breed of dog who needs special care then you should take care to mediate these five steps and customize it as per the needs of your dog.

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