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Whether you want to keep your kitty inside all, or most of the time for safety concerns. Otherwise you’d simply like to make sure they’re warm during the cold months. Keeping a cat happy can be tough. Still, the good news is that. It can be done by simply looking at your apartment from your pet’s perspective. This article will help with that. Let’s see some Litter Robot 3 Reviews.

Have Their Basic Needs Covered

Probably an obvious point, but it’s so important. That it’s not really worth talking about a happy pet if this isn’t care for. Make sure that your kitty has food, water, and a litter box for their basic needs. It may be worth to look into Litter Robot 3 Reviews. If you’re short on time and can’t change a regular litter box daily since this type only needs to be clean once a week.

Have Their Basic Needs Covered

Start as Early as Possible

Ideally, you want to help your cat get use to the great indoors while they’re still young. And won’t have as many difficulties with the process. However, if you’re adopting an older cat, or you simply decide to take them indoors later in their life. Starting the process is not going to be quite as easy. Still, the sooner you get start, the better.

Increase Space

Before you run out to get renovation supplies, wait up. What we mean here is simply adding things like cat condos or climbing trees. The taller the model, the better, particularly because cats tend to be naturally drawn to heights.

Increase Space Litter Robot 3

Interesting View

Cats love to observe the world around them, but in an apartment. This tends to be quite hard. As such, try to provide as much space close to the windows as possible. So that your cat will be able to look outside. If possible, place bird feeders close to the windows. That your kitty will have even more interesting things to see when looking outside the window. Keep in mind though that if there are outdoor cats in your neighborhood. It’s best to make sure that the bird feeders are place in a spot where cats won’t be able to reach.

Keep Them Active

When cats are outdoors, they have more than enough opportunities to get moving. This isn’t the case with those who live indoors, which is why you should help them in this department. Get them toys that promote active play. Even something as simple as strips of fabrics or ribbons can be very successful. Feathers connect to wands also tend to be very love by most cats. Most cats tend to love boxes or random items around the house, so pay attention to what yours gravitates towards.

Keep cat Active Litter Robot 3

Don’t Forget the ID

Many owners think that their indoor cats don’t actually need IDs, and it does make sense since they should be inside at all times. However, some cats can be very quick to run out when they see an open door, which is why having a collar with visible ID can be very helpful.

Bring A Bit of the Outdoors In

When it’s nice out, leave the windows open so that your kitty will get lots of fresh air. Of course, make sure that the screens on your windows are very well secure so that your cat won’t jump out. Lots of cats love to chew plants and grass, so you could go to a garden center or even a pet supply store to get small pots with plants. However, make sure to ask your vet about which plants are safe for cats since there are some that can be toxic.

Bring A Bit of the Outdoors In

Provide Objects for Scratching

Cats love to scratch, and they do it for several reasons, including to get rid of the dead outer layer on their claws and to stretch. If your cat starts scratching furniture, look at what they typically prefer, and try to get an object that’s close to it both in size, look and feel, as well as in physical space. Cover the piece of furniture or whatever else they like to scratch but shouldn’t, with something that would bother them, such as aluminum foil.


Kitties can be very happy indoors, but you do need to take a few steps to ensure that they’ll be leaving their best life.

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