Taking a Dog on a Trips

As a dog lover, you probably know how fun bringing your dear pup along for a holiday could be. To make it a memorable and rewarding experience, you need to plan it well and ensure your dog stays safe and comfortable.

Keep Your Pup Safe and Healthy

When preparing for a trip with your furry friend, get advice from your vet and find out if traveling could put your dog’s health at risk in any way.

When that’s done, ensure all of the dog’s vaccines are up to date, and remember to bring a copy of their veterinary records in case of any emergency. Also, research the local vet clinics at the destination, at least for precaution and peace of mind.

If you haven’t done so yet, consider getting your dog microchipped or updating its current chip with your contact details in case it gets lost.

Pack all the  Essentials, and always have some food and water for your fur baby. When traveling, try to stick to your dog’s usual routines and feeding schedule as much as possible. Otherwise, a dog may feel stressed or experience a digestive upset.

Problems with the stomach are common for dogs when on the road, especially in a different country or climate, so don’t forget to bring dog probiotics, either.

Transportation Options

Transportation Options when Taking a Dog on a Trip

Depending on where you are traveling and how far, you should figure out the best transportation option for your dog. If you are traveling by car, make sure your dog is comfortable and safe in a crate or seatbelt harness.

If your dog has never traveled before, it would be a very good idea to try it out on a short trip in a car and observe its behavior. First, travel could be very stressful for pets, but they will get used to it quickly. It is important to take it slow and give your pup time to adjust.

If you are planning a long-distance trip and need to take a plane, be absolutely sure to check all the required documents and rules for bringing your furry friend on board. Some countries will require more paperwork on their borders, and some will even have specific breed restrictions, so make sure you are familiar with all these points so as not to get surprised at the airports.

Pick the Right Dog-Friendly Accommodation

Before you go, browse pet-friendly accommodations. Fortunately, more and more places are becoming welcoming to pets, so there should be plenty of options; however, that still varies from country to country.

Double-check the hotel rules and plan ahead, as many will charge pet fees or deposits. For longer stays, check pet-friendly vacation homes that may be more convenient and comfortable when staying with pets.

Pack Everything They Need

Taking a Dog on a Trip Pack Everything They Need

To make your furry companion relaxed while traveling, bring their blanket or a pet bed with you. Having their own “place” in a strange room will make your dog feel secure and calm. The same goes for their favorite toys and their usual food and treats.

Foldable bowls for food and water must be on your list, too, as well as poop bags and an extra leash. A collar with ID tags and contact details is always a good measure of precaution, while some people even use GPS trackers that can be monitored via smartphone.

Plan to Have Fun

Knowing that traveling for your dog can be overwhelming, remember that they need regular exercise and mental stimulation. While on the road, make regular breaks and be flexible. Your dog will appreciate you taking it easy, and any roadside break, potty area, or park will mean the world to it. You can see the signs that your pet needs more exercise.

At your travel destination, find parks and open spaces where your canine can run, burn off its energy, and have fun. If you find some dog friends along the way, even better. They are social creatures and would love to be in nice puppy company.

Finally, think once again if the trip you are planning will be good for your dog, whether it’s dog-friendly all the way, and if the dog would enjoy it as much as you. Also, ensure you are ready for the extra responsibility it brings to make it a successful and memorable experience.

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