why do cat stare at you

Cats are the most beloved pet in the whole world. In fact, one out of every three homes in the United States has a cat. With that, it has been said that this world is the Cat’s world…and we just live in it, right? They’re mysterious, funny, and cute, which makes them the best pet. Do you know that Cats are known to express their emotions through her body language? Yes, they do speak in the form of thousands of expressions, but only to those who know how to listen. Let’s see why do cats stare at you?

Every time you wake up, you’ve found your kitty lying on your chest and staring right at you? Or maybe whenever you work on your computer, you feel those adorable magical eyes of them looking at you? Many times you wonder Why they’re doing this? What did you do?

Cats are total stare-masters, and decoding a cat’s body language is difficult. It will be much easier for all the pet owners if their belove cat could talk and express what they want from you, right? Cat Staring:  Some people find it funny, and some find it super uncomfortable. Whenever you find your fur baby doing this, you’re definitely thinking, why does my cat stare at me like this? Is there any way to know what they’re trying to say to you with this long eye contact? Yes, read this blog as today we’re going to tell you why do cats stare at you like this.

7 Reasons Why Do Cats Stare at You

Actually, there’s no way to 100% know what your cat is thinking, however, a few reasons that could be behind your cat’s staring are listed below:

why do cats stare at you

1. Your Cat needs Something

When a cat is looking at you for several minutes, there are high chances that she wants to say something or needs something. This is the most common reason why your kitty is staring at you.

So whether she wants a toy or your time, look at her what she really wants? Probably, she wants to play with you, or it is a mealtime. It might take a little time but figure out what she really wants, and once you give them what she desires, then staring will stop.

2. Your Cat is Curious

We all know cats are a furry ball of curiosity! This is actually true because they’re always eager to know about everything. Are you working continuously on your laptop, and your kitty is watching you without blinking? Well, the reason behind this is that maybe she wants to know what you are doing? How are your fingers running super fast on the keyboard?

If this is the reason, then put your kitty in your lap and let her watch your laptop screen. She surely will be happy, and now she’ll start staring at your screen instead of you.

Curious cats stare at you

3. Your Cat is Sleeping

You’re confuse and little worry because your cat is staring at you not only for a few minutes but for hours. Don’t worry, because sometimes what you think is your cat staring at you could actually be your cat is taking a quick “cat nap.”

Yes, surprisingly, many cats sleep with their eyes partially or even completely open. Believe us, cats love to sleep, so what seems like your cat gazing at you actually doesn’t happen in real.

4. Your Cat Stares at You to Show Affection

Animals express their love and affection through their actions. There is a saying that “Eyes are the window to the soul.” and we are all aware of the magical eye powers of cats.  They use their eyes to communicate with their humans, so may this eyeballing on you is a nonverbal way of communicating.

When a kitten stares with half-close eyelids and offers a few slow blinks, This is their love stare. It means she is showing some serious adoration for you. So whenever your fur baby gives you unblinking stares, maybe it means they’re showing love to their favorite human in the whole world. Please appreciate their love and give them warm hugs & kisses.

Affection cats stare at you

5. Your kitty might be Scared

Another reason why she is behaving like this is that she is scared of something. If she is hiding under a couch and keeps staring at you with dilated pupils, it could be a sign of fear.

Cats get scared or frighten even from little things. Maybe you accidentally your kitten is spooked from your loud voice. The booming sound of dropping utensils, or probably she might have seen a big mouse or dog, and now she is frightened. If this is the case, just go near to your cat and hold her in your arms so that she’ll feel safe.

6. Your Kitty Might Be Hungry

When your kitty is gazing at you for a long time, and you’ve wonder why she is doing this. The reason might be simple like she is hungry. Look at your watch, is this her mealtime or treat time.

According to a Purina pet behavior scientist, Jean-François Savard, “Your kitty may just be letting you know she’s hungry by making eye contact, especially if she’s doing it while sitting near her food area.”

Your Kitty Might Be Hungry do cats stare at you

7. Your Cat is Injure

This reason is very uncommon, but several health conditions such as high blood pressure can cause severe injury, which can take on a stare-like appearance. If your cat is behaving a little weirdly, then check her health. If necessary, book an appointment with your vet ASAP.

Your Cat is Injure when stare at you

The Bottom Line

Apart from the above reasons, there are other things why your kitten might be staring at you. Whether they might need some food (Probably the most common cause) or want to play with you, to know the exact reason, always pay attention to their body language. Staring is pretty much harmless until you feel some health-relate problems. Pay attention to her for a couple of days, and if she is feeling low or sick, visit your nearest vet for the consultation.

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