African Grey Parrots

When we talk about pets, it isn’t just a dog or cat. It can be any animal that can be domesticate. So here in this article, we are going to talk about one of the exotic pet that is loved by their owners all over the world. We know every owner loves their babies, but it has its separate fan following. You already read in the title, and that is why you are here! So yup, it is an African grey parrot that is stealing the owner’s heart.

This birdie is known for its cute voice and high intelligence. It is even tag as the bird that can understand the emotions and feelings of the human being and reacts accordingly. We know, now you are getting curious about the name of the bird or maybe not!

Now we will provide all the necessary information on this intellectual birdie. From its outlook to personality traits to care, everything at a place. And in addition to that, we have also mention some fascinating facts that will drive you crazy (in a positive way!).

Keep reading the article and fall more and more for this exo-pet.


Outlook of African Grey Parrot

Oh oh, necessary information first!

Height:- The height of this bird varies from 12″ to 13″.

Weight:- Its weight is around 10 to 20 ounces.

Life Expectancy:- This chirping machine has an average lifespan of 50 years and can live up to the age of 75 with proper care.

Color: Grey

As its name suggests, this African grey can have a plumage of different shades of grey. Of which the darker shade will be on wings and back. In addition to that, it has a crimson tail which adds a dramatic effect to its look. It has a strong hook beak just like its cousins.

Personality Traits

Personality Traits to African Grey Parrot

Though it is a talkative and social bird, it won’t let you cuddle much. But they need much more attention and time from the owner. Bird keepers say that TAG should be adopted by the one who has the enthusiasm and can give all of him to the grey. They are highly intelligent, as well as highly sensitive. It is obvious that there will be behavioral issues when these two traits are found in a single living organism.

They tend to get habitual of the daily routine, even the slightest change in the routine can make them unhappy. They love talking and can be your support but won’t tolerate more physical interaction. Maximum they can allow you to scratch head and a little bit of petting.

This is a perfect bird if your house has guests visiting frequently. Remember, this is a social bird but doesn’t like much chaos. This intelligent birdie has some bad habits too, like plucking and chewing their feathers.

They behave just like us, ‘complex.’ They will make sure that you are giving them attention properly and will air their grievances when given a chance that too without hesitation. Though all the members of your house will play with it and it can become a ‘one-person bird.’ It is observed that they tend to get attached to a particular person.

In short, you will get a best friend that will always stay with you.

Care and Exercise

Care and Exercise for African Grey Parrot

Taking care of birds is not as hard as dogs or cats. But still there are a few points that you need to take care of, we mentioned it below:-

– They are capable of learning thousands of words and phrases with ease. So be careful what you speak in front of them, it may reveal your identity in public space.

– As they are an intelligent one, it is nearly impossible to make them unlearn things once they have learned it.

– They need plenty of training and interaction; without it, they can get depressed. This can lead to self-damaging behaviors in them, such as feather-plucking.

– They need proper feeding that can provide them with an adequate amount of proteins and nutrients.

– They are prone to vitamin deficiencies, so make sure your birdie eats a lot of fruits and veggies that are high in beta-carotene.

– Provide them with plenty of toys, not those easy ones. The toys you give must be challenging to their intelligence like puzzle toys. They love challenging tasks (intelligent birds, you know!). Those toys will also help them in thriving.

– Make sure you provide them with bird’s chew toys in order to help them in exercising their beak.

– They get easily affected by the stressful atmosphere and commotion around them, resulting in the depression. So keeping their cage in the corner of a room is the better and safest option for them rather than keeping in the middle of the room.

– They are super-duper sensitive birdies.

– For training, you can lookout parakeet training.

Fascinating Facts

Fascinating Facts about African Grey Parrot

1) They are Monogamous

The African grey bird is said to be monogamous, which means they will mate with one partner at a time. They are more lovey-dovey in nature towards their partners. They are often found, bi-parenting, cuddling and caressing each other. Their love is selfless.

2) High Social Interaction

This sensitive birdie is high on social interaction. In the wilderness, you will always find them in a group. They can manage and keep the communication and complicate relationships with each member of the group comfortably. This shows how much socially active they are, so make sure to get one of them if you can provide them with plenty of social interaction.

3) Most Intelligent Bird Species

Yes. They are the most intelligent birds you will ever come across. They can learn as many words as you want to teach them. Plus they are quick learners. The best example or proof for the above statement is Alex, African grey, the companion of Dr. Irene Pepperberg. This bird can recognize, categorize, quantify, refuse, request more than 80 different objects. Apart from this, it can also use words in the context of communication with their owners.

African Grey Parrot

4) They can live up to 80years

Their average lifespan is of 50 years. If raise with proper care, it can outlive their human owners. They can live up to 80 years in the wild. As they outlive their owners, they go through the emotional trauma many times in their lifetime. As they are sensitive, it’s hard for them to handle the situation of bouncing from one owner to another.

5) Traits are similar to toddlers

They are believe to have mental and emotional state, just like toddlers. As you know, toddlers are hard every sensitive about the person they love, things they like to do, the same is with the grey. Ever tried keeping a toddler occupy in something particular for the longest time? When dealing with the grey parrot, keep in mind you are going to deal with a toddler, but it is more intelligent.

So as promise, we have provide you with the necessary information that you need to know about before having them.

Beautiful African Grey Parrot


If you want a pet that can live with you for a lifetime, then this birdie is perfect for you. You will get a companion, a best friend, and a roommate all in one pet.

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