How to Train a Parakeets

The choice of pet is different and not everyone wants to have relatively big pets rather some people love birds. I wonder is there even a single person, who doesn’t like the bird chirps, I guess there is no such person like that. If you would look around then you would find a huge variety of birds. In general, a bird is not the idle one to have in-home as bird love their freedom and they are not meant for cages but some birds love being near humans. Training a bird is not easy as birds are usually stubborn and very emotional so most people wonder How to Train a Parakeet properly.

Parakeet is one of them for sure and this bird is very popular among bird keepers. People love having this and training this bird is a fun task which needs to be done with care.  Like any individual bird parakeets also come with different temperaments so results may vary in this case. There are certain rules before getting started with the Parakeet training otherwise things can go wrong a bit. If you are also planning to get one keet and want to train it well then here is everything that you need to know about Parakeet Training:

Gain Trust Before getting Started with Your Pet Parakeet

Gain Trust Before getting Started with Your Pet Parakeet

Parakeets are little too flighty and they do require some time like a week or so to understand about their surrounding and this increases when they come to a new home. They can try to escape and would not want to interact with you just because you are quite new to your pet bird.

In this way training them would be next to impossible and you would have to struggle a lot. So it is better to start a little late and give your pet the time to understand you. Here you would have to see them daily without bothering them much. Make sure to feed them properly and be with them while they eat. After a while, you can try touching your bird but do not overdo touching as that can make them scared.

Taming your pet with hands can make them relax and calm instantly and at the same time. It would help your birds trust you more. You should always start with your bird’s trimmed wings as this limits the flight of your bird. So that the training could go on without any such trouble.

Also, you can try to relax your bird by giving it a neck scratch as it helps them a lot to relax and in this way. The bird would trust you better and this would get back to normal. You can treat your bird once in a while as this would attract the bird towards you.

Process of Taming your Parakeet

Process of Taming your Parakeet

Make sure to see your bird every once in a while throughout the day so that the bird could get use to your face. This would help them accept your existence in a better way. So they would start being comfortable with you which is a great thing. You would have to be patient while you do. Because the bird would take some time for accepting you completely.

Sometimes it takes less time and at times it can take more time but roughly you would have to be near to it. For letting it know about presence for about a week. This would help a lot both of you in understanding each other, on one hand. Your bird would know about you and on the other hand, you would know about your bird in a better way.

You can try having eye contacts as that helps a bit but understanding eyes of a bird is very tough and one can hardly do that. This would take time but this would help you as well.

Start with Small Things

Start with Small Things to Train a Parakeet

A bird usually contains a small brain so it cannot learn a lot of things in one go so you would have to patient at this time. You would have to teach it one by one. You can try with steps and the very first thing that you can teach your parakeet. It is to step up or down.

Treat it whenever it would do something awesome and your treat would encourage them. To keep on doing something good to get some treats. You can start with teaching your bird to step up and down and if your bird would learn this. Then half of your training procedure would be done.

Teach Talking

Teach Talking to Train a Parakeet


You would be amazing that follow by parrots, parakeets can also talk, and here you can use a single word in front of it. So that it can learn the word properly. This, however, would take time but the result would be amazing and with steady procedures. You can teach many words to your parakeet which is a great thing.

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