Australian Cattle dog

This breed named the Australian Cattle Dog very popular as an immensely intelligent and energetic dog. Along with this, it is a very sturdy breed of dog. They were developed or bred by the original Australian settlers who used them for the purpose of handling cattle herds; especially on huge and sprawling ranches or fields. This is something that the dogs are using even now.

Australian Cattle Dog

This dog is highly energetic and thus well suitable for this job. It likes to contribute and work and feel as if it is a part of the family unit. This agile and intelligent canine performs well in various other sports and competitions.  Today we are here to give you an exhaustive summary of the rare but popular Australian cattle dog breed and its various quirks.

Overview Of Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dog Breed Overview

Breed Name : Australian Cattle

Breed Group: Herding group

Height: 17 – 20 inches

Weight: 35-50 pounds

Lifespan: 12-16 years

Coat: short, double coat

Color: red and blue

Temperament: high-energy, intelligent, and independent

Needs for Grooming: regular brushing and occasional bathing

Hypoallergenic: No

Origin: Australia

Appearance and Temperament

Appearance of Australian Cattle Dog

This dog breed is famous for its compact and agile muscular stature. They have a beautifully curved tail. Their eyes are always a variant of a beautiful dark brown. Also, their eyes are generally the oval shape in all dogs of this breed.

They have a beautiful double coat that makes them resistant. This coat is made up of a crop dense undercoat overlaid by another short straight upper coat; that together make up a beautiful appearance. This beautiful breed comes in a variety of colors like blue or red variants. This breed is famous for being extremely active and needs regular physical activity and mental stimulation too.

Temperament of Australian Cattle Dog

Whenever a dog of this breed will get bored there is bound to be destructive behavior; like chewing up items or doing things he is forbidden to just to get into trouble. Making his exercise and to an extent; tiredness is a great idea for adopters to keep a happy dog in their homes.

This is a smart breed who can be stubborn but it is nothing you can not train them to be better. They are also reserved with strangers and like to bond only with the ones he’s devoting to. However, once they bond they bond strongly and they absolutely hate to separate from their owners or family.

Health Concerns for This Breed

health Concerns of Australian Cattle Dog

This breed is known to be healthy generally but there are some major concerns that every adopter has to look out for. It is extremely essential that adopters are aware of the disease and keep a lookout for the same as dogs can be prone to problems like this and would need quick diagnostic measures. The diseases don’t affect all the dogs of this breed but it is essential to keep an eye out for signs of these diseases:

Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia in Australian Cattle Dog

This disease is known to be inheritable and extremely harmful to the health of a coincidence companion. Our signs are pain or lameness in the rear legs and taking them for an X-ray is a very good idea to diagnose this. Arthritis can also occur in dogs of this breed at any age. It is not beneficial to breed dogs who already have hip dysplasia as it can, later on, lead to the breeding line being corrupt due to the genes of this disease.


Deafness in Australian Cattle Dog

This is also a disease that passes on by the generations along the breeding line but it is easy to find out if your puppy has this disease using easy tests as deafness is a recessive gene linked and some research indicates that it is also color linking. A certain pattern like a coat of white is known to be indicative of deafness in certain puppies. The BAER or the brain stem auditory evoked response is an extremely useful test to diagnose deafness in both puppies and grown dogs.

Australian Cattle Dog

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