Best Automatic Litter Box

Cats are great pets because of their independent nature. They can do almost everything on their own. Unlike dogs, you don’t have to take them out on potty breaks. All you need is a litter box, and they will use it as their toilet.

However, there is one thing you have to deal with if you own cats – scooping their litter from the box. It really becomes a hassle if you have multiple cats at home. But now there is a solution to help you with this task – an automatic litter box. As the name goes, these are self-cleaning boxes that can detect litter and clean it up on their own. 

These futuristic devices have a built-in mechanism that helps to detect, rake, sift, and even flush the litter automatically. However, with so many litter boxes available online, it becomes difficult to select the best one. To help you make the right buying decision, we have tested and reviewed the 12+ best automatic litter boxes.

1. Litter Robot 3 – Overall Best Automatic Litter Box

Litter Robot 3
Dimensions22 x 27 x 29.5 inches
Weight24 pounds
ColorsBlack and white

The Litter-Robot 4, despite its higher price, claims the top spot among automatic litter boxes. It is a standout choice for those looking for spacious litter solutions for their cats.

This smart device uses laser and weight sensors to track your cat’s movements. This ensures efficient waste separation when they exit. It rotates to tidy up and notifies you when the drawer needs attention. Cleaning this litter box is very easy. You just need to empty it every few weeks and deep clean it occasionally.

It is ideal for less mobile cats and comes with a step-equipped waste drawer. The OdorTrap and SafeCat systems help you to offer a safe and clean environment for your furry friend to do their business. The QuietSift cycle widened opening and a larger waste drawer prioritizes your cat’s comfort and convenience. 

Its multi-cat design suits households with up to four cats. There is a fence around the box that helps to minimize tracking. Made in the USA, this automatic litter box also comes with a Carbon Filter, Drawer Liners, and a 1-Year WhiskerCare Warranty. 

  • Reliable and trustworthy automatic litter box choice
  • Well-built with an effective design
  • Secure, odor-tight waste drawer
  • Intuitive functionality and simple assembly
  • Connects to iOS or Android devices for remote monitoring
  • Limited space in the litter bed might not suit larger cats
  • High cost

2. PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box
Dimensions27.6″L x 19.1″W x 16″H
Weight20.3 pounds

The PetSafe ScoopFree Complete Plus Self-Cleaning Litter Box is ideal for cat owners. This innovative system frees you from scooping, cleaning, and refilling the litter box for weeks. The crystal litter effectively absorbs urine, dehydrates solid waste, and eliminates odors, making your home fresher for longer.

What’s impressive is the low-tracking design—99% dust-free crystals that won’t stick to your cat’s paws. The included disposable litter tray with a plastic lining ensures leak protection, keeping floors mess-free. Cleanup is very easy; simply dispose of the tray, thanks to its lid, for quick, hygienic removal.

Monitoring your cat’s health is made easy with the health counter, tracking their box usage. This front-entry hooded litter box provides an efficient, odor-free, and low-maintenance solution for cat owners looking for hassle-free litter box management. 

  • Features disposable, leak-proof tray
  • Equipped with safety sensors
  • Accommodates weeks’ worth of waste
  • The litter trays don’t have a long lifespan
  • The odor elimination mechanism might not be highly effective

3. PetSnowy Snow+ Automatic Litter Box 

PetSnowy Snow+ Automatic Litter Box 
Dimensions30″L x 21″W x 26″H
Weight45 pounds

This is another great automatic litter box for cat owners. With its upgraded version, forget about manual resets. This intelligent algorithm streamlines waste liner changes and bonnet reinstallation, ensuring effortless upkeep.

Setup couldn’t be simpler; add litter, and the self-cleaning box takes care of the rest. The anti-tracking walkway keeps your home spotless. Especially great for pet parents with limited mobility, this box is easy to disassemble without tools.

Safety is paramount with the six-stage SnowSafe+ protection. It pauses the cleaning process when your cat enters, ensuring their well-being. Plus, remotely monitor your cat’s health from your smartphone and adjust settings seamlessly.

PetSnowy values your peace of mind, offering a 1-Year Warranty and a 30-day Hassle-free Return policy. Their commitment to excellent after-sales support ensures a worry-free experience. 

  • Offers 6-stages of safety protection
  • The upgraded version is easy to use
  • Comes with warranty
  • The waste drawer isn’t good
  • Some cats may not like it

4. Popur X5 Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Popur X5 Self-Cleaning Litter Box
Dimensions 30.4″L x 21.2″W x 18.2″H
Weight31 pounds

The Popur X5 Self-Cleaning Litter Box offers convenience when it comes to cleaning your cat’s litter. This latest innovation has an open litter tray and an independent trash can.

With its odor-sealing mechanism, it traps 99% of odors, ensuring a pleasant environment for both you and your cats. The vertically-shaped trash bin offers a week-long hands-free experience for multi-cat households. This product is designed with a 30-day storage capacity for average cat use.

Your furry friends will love the ventilated open-top design and the generously sized cuboid litter bed. It offers a spacious 24-inch width by diagonal measurement. Plus, accommodating up to 33 pounds of any clumping cat litter minimizes maintenance efforts.

Shopping for the Popur X5 comes with assurance. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, a 30-day free return policy, and a one-year manufacturer warranty. The trash bin includes an automatic lid and a cardboard box, ensuring odor control without dealing with stinky plastics. 

  • Perfect for multiple cats
  • Cats love the simple design
  • Very easy to maintain
  • Some cats may chew the cardboard
  • Litter tracks out of the box easily

5. Petree Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box 

Petree Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box 
Dimensions20.5″L x 20.5″W x 25.2″H
Weight28.26 pounds

This is another automatic litter box you can use. With advanced auto-cleaning, bid farewell to manual scooping. This box minimizes maintenance and maximizes hygiene, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

What sets this litter box apart is its inclusive design featuring a scratching ladder. It offers easy access for kittens, seniors, and short-legged breeds while doubling as a scratching post, providing both access and entertainment.

Stay connected with your pet’s hygiene routine through the integrated app. Monitor, customize, and manage the cleaning cycle remotely, ensuring optimum comfort and cleanliness for your pet.

With rounded edges and non-toxic materials, this device is very safe to use. The litter box operates silently, respecting your pet’s privacy and household peace. It is made for durability and can withstand daily wear and tear. Plus, it is also backed by a one-year warranty. 

  • Comes with advanced cleaning technology
  • Includes cat scratching ramp
  • Operates very quietly
  • Odor control is not good
  • Users experience difficulty connecting with phone

6. Pettopia Automatic Litter Box

Pettopia Automatic Litter Box
Dimensions20″L x 20″W x 25.2″H
Weight27.3 pounds

The Pettopia Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box redefines pet care, offering ultimate hygiene and comfort for your feline friend. This automatic self-cleaning box eliminates the need for constant scooping and maintenance. You can enjoy a clean, odor-free home without the hassle.

Designed with dust protection, it minimizes mess, ensuring a cleaner environment by reducing unpleasant litter dust. User-friendly and easy to set up, it suits both new and experienced cat owners, saving time and effort with its convenient waste compartment.

Safety and comfort for your cat are priorities; the spacious, private design offers a stress-free environment. The gentle cleaning mechanism ensures your cat’s well-being.

Moreover, it is durable and eco-friendly, boasting high-quality, sustainable materials. Pettopia also stands behind its product with a 1-year warranty and dedicated customer support. 

  • It is designed to reduce dust
  • Durable and eco-friendly
  • Comes with a smart app for monitoring
  • Needs a pad for the surrounding area
  • Can be a little tall for some cats

7. CATLK Self Automatic Cat Litter Box 

CATLK Self Automatic Cat Litter Box 
Dimensions22.3″L x 22.3″W x 26″H
Weight32 pounds

The CATLK Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box is an innovative solution for effortless cat litter maintenance. This litter box is equipped with advanced sensor technology, autonomously detecting and cleaning waste while redistributing clean sand particles. It’s a time-saving solution that keeps your space clean without constant monitoring.

The companion app enables remote control and management, offering insights into your cat’s toilet time and frequency. You can make remote settings or adjustments for better health care.

This litter box is designed for maximum comfort. It features a high-efficiency fan and a multi-layer filtration system that efficiently eliminates odors, ensuring a fresh, comfortable living space for both you and your pet.

With its spacious and deep design, the basin accommodates ample cat litter, reducing the need for frequent refills, even in multi-cat households. You can now enjoy leisurely moments with your feline friend thanks to CATLK’s commitment to quality. 

  • Easy to install and use
  • Comes with a health monitoring system
  • Good filtration and odor control
  • Cats might need time to adjust to the litter box
  • Not suitable for more than 3 cats

8. YSSAIL Extra Large Automatic Litter Box 

YSSAIL Extra Large Automatic Litter Box 
Dimensions24″L x 24″W x 25″H
Weight34.4 pounds

If you are looking for a well-designed automatic litter box to match your house’s interior, this is a good choice. The YSSAIL Cat Litter Box is a smart and efficient solution for hassle-free cat care. 

This smart litter box features APP control, allowing you to manage and maintain cleanliness anytime, anywhere. The intelligent cleaning system automatically removes waste, depositing it into a trash bag after your cats leave the litter box. It then activates a purple light until the next visit, ensuring continuous cleanliness.

It has built-in LED alerts indicating operational status. Multiple sensors ensure emergency braking for your cats’ protection, preventing any mishaps. Stay on top of your cat’s health with smart sensors that sync data to your phone. You can also monitor usage times and litter capacity.

This litter box accommodates all clumping cat litter, making it versatile for various preferences. Plus, YSSAIL offers a 12-month guarantee and dedicated brand service. This device will help you to simplify your cat’s routine. 

  • Works with all clumping cat litter
  • The poop doesn’t stick to the machine
  • There is self-alert protection for safety
  • Setup instructions are not useful

9. BASTRUMI Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

BASTRUMI Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box
Dimensions15″L x 8″W x 12″H
Weight 15 pounds

The BASTRUMI Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box is an innovative and safe solution for cat owners. It features an integrated structure that eliminates any risk of cat entrapment, making it a worry-free choice. Its noise levels during operation are as gentle as a soft whisper, ensuring a stress-free environment for your furry friend.

Say goodbye to accumulation issues with its dynamic waste collection system. It provides a 2.4Gal/9L waste collection compartment that supports a 13lb cat for up to 15 days. Travel without worry, knowing your cat is cared for at home effortlessly.

The automatic litter box is equipped with four gravity-sensing sensors and an infrared sensor. Its smart health monitoring system tracks your cat’s toilet habits, weight changes, and more. You can use the app to keep a check on all these things. 

Despite its compact 18.9″ x 20.5″ x 19.9″ dimensions, this litter box offers a spacious 65L toilet space for your cat. There are four cleaning modes accessible through buttons and richer functionalities in this device. Moreover, the litter box comes complete with essential accessories and a 12-month after-sale service. 

  • Offers manual as well as app control
  • Can support a single cat for 15 days
  • Comes with 1 year warranty
  • It is hard to fill
  • You might encounter problems connecting to the app

10. Cleanpethome Automatic Cat Litter Box

Cleanpethome Automatic Cat Litter Box 
Dimensions22.24″L x 22.24″W x 25.98″H
Weight33.6 pounds

The Cleanpethome Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box stands as a top solution for cat owners seeking effortless maintenance and an odor-free environment. Say goodbye to manual scooping and sifting with its advanced self-cleaning mechanism.

Odor woes become a thing of the past thanks to its cutting-edge odor elimination system. It will keep your home fresh and inviting without the need for constant maintenance. This feature neutralizes unpleasant smells, promoting a clean and welcoming environment.

Not only does this litter box simplify your life, but it’s also eco-friendly and cost-effective. Reducing litter wastage and minimizing changes help save money while contributing to a greener planet—a win-win for both you and the environment.

Operating quietly and discreetly, this litter box blends seamlessly into your home decor while providing your cat with a comfortable and private space. Engineered with sensors that prioritize your cat’s safety, it detects their presence and prevents the cleaning cycle from starting when they’re inside.

  • Very easy to set
  • Quite a discreet operation
  • Eco-friendly and cost-effective
  • The app isn’t good
  • Doesn’t offer a fully sealed storage area
CATLINK Automatic Litter Box 
Dimensions23.62″L x 22.83″W x 27.95″H
Weight22 pounds

The CATLINK Automatic Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box is a sophisticated solution for multi-cat households. It’s a tech-savvy, health-conscious litter box equipped with a myriad of features to cater to your cat’s needs.

This luxury pro litter box boasts an impressive ability to detect and recognize different cats while tracking their individual toilet usage. The Catlink App offers 24-hour records and remote management of the litter box. Plus, multiple users can share this tech-smart litter box simultaneously.

The infrared sensors and anti-pinch features ensure maximum security. The box halts immediately if a cat is detected, and the app alerts users to any issues. Its thoughtful design includes smart illumination for elderly cats, a Do Not Disturb mode, and panel locks to prevent accidental touches.

Choose from four clean modes – Auto, Manual, Timer, and Empty – controlled either via panel or remote app access. The litter box includes a waste drawer and a 57L globe capacity, suitable for cats weighing 3.5 to 22 pounds. It also comes with rechargeable odor purifiers and a carbon filter that eliminates up to 90% of odors.

  • Provides odor-free cleaning
  • App control with data reports
  • Suitable for multi-cat family
  • Leaves a few scraps behind
  • The app doesn’t function properly

12. PAWBBY Automatic Litter Box 

PAWBBY Automatic Litter Box 
Dimensions19.7″L x 19.52″W x 25.2″H
Weight30 pounds
ColorsGrey and brown

The PAWBBY Self Cleaning Litter Box is a sleek, efficient, and safety-conscious solution for cat owners. With a design that seamlessly blends into any home decor, this litter box offers both style and functionality.

Equipped with ten layers of safety measures, this litter box prioritizes your cat’s comfort and safety. The ample 55L space caters to multi-cat families. It features an 8.6L waste compartment that can last a full-grown cat up to 14 days, accommodating various clumping cat litter.

Effortless health tracking becomes a reality through the PAWBBY app, allowing remote monitoring and control of the litter box. The app provides litter level and waste amount notifications, along with usage statistics.

For odor control, the deodorizing pod utilizes natural, plant-based gel beads that absorb up to 90% of odor molecules. The litter box offers automatic, manual, and sleep cleaning modes to suit various preferences. The updated version now includes SpecialCatsCare for cats with mobility issues. PAWBBY provides a 30-day Hassle-Free Return policy and a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Suitable for cats with mobility issues
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Comes with a cat litter mat


  • The app is difficult to use

13. MeoWant Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box-Yellow

MeoWant Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box-Yellow
Dimensions20.9″L x 21.8″W x 20.5″H
Weight26.1 pounds

If you are looking for an automatic cat litter box that your pets will love, this is the right choice. The MeoWant Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box offers advanced features designed for safety, convenience, and efficient litter management. 

Controlled via the AIRPET app, this litter box allows remote monitoring and management. Smart sensors track various data points, including your cat’s weight, usage time, and frequency, providing insights into your pet’s habits.

Equipped with infrared sensors, weight sensors, and an accident protection system, it ensures a secure environment for your feline friend. The box immediately stops operation upon detecting changes in weight or approaching cats, mitigating any risk of trapping.

Automatic cleaning modes, including scheduled and manual options, efficiently remove litter after your cat exits the box. An intelligently designed sand leak hole separates various cat litter types and clumps, enhancing the cleaning process. 

Innovative odor isolation mechanisms prevent foul smells from escaping. The litter box employs a smart structural design that automatically opens and closes a door baffle to contain odors. Its built-in ultra-quiet motor keeps noise levels as low as 40dB, offering a peaceful environment while it operates.


  • Has a beautiful design in yellow
  • Large capacity
  • Odor and noise control


  • The bag is not easy to change
  • Doesn’t remove smaller poop pieces


How long do automatic litter boxes last?

Automatic litter box cleaners last for years, depending on durability and the brand you choose.

Do cats like an automatic litter box?

Not all cats like automatic kitty litter boxes as they can be afraid of the sound the machine makes.

Do you really need 2 litter boxes for 2 cats?

If you are using an automatic litter box, you don’t need 2 different ones, as multiple cats can share the single device.


An automatic litter box can help you save a lot of time compared to normal litter by cleaning your cat’s litter on the go. You don’t have to worry about scooping the litter every other day. These devices also help you keep the home fresh and smelling good with effective odor control. If you are planning to invest in a good automatic litter box, choose from any of these options. We have tested and reviewed all these devices to make sure you get the best and most convenient option.

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