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Have you ever wondered, “ why does my cat lick me so much”? It is a pretty common question that many cat owners have. We usually tend to think that they are showing their love by licking us. This is not totally wrong, but there can also be many other reasons behind this. It’s a sign of love for some cats, while some are obsessed with licking. So, what is the truth? There are actually several reasons why your cat licks you. We have gathered seven reasons why do cats lick you.

7 Possible Reasons Why Your Cat Licks You

why do cats lick you

1. To Show You Affection

If your cat is licking you, it most commonly means that she is calm. The way you show your love to your kitty by petting her, in the same way, she is showing her affection towards you by licking you.

We usually hug to ease anxiety; similarly, kittens lick you. Maybe she wants some love from you. You often see that kittens and older cats, which are not related, but get along well and spend time grooming each other. Similarly, your kitty also wants to groom you, and that’s why she is licking your body.

 2. Mine, Mine, All Mine

Sometimes cats use this thing to mark their territory. She tries to establish her territory by marking things, cat toys, other animals, and even people with her scent. She wants to tell everyone that you’re taken! Indirectly she is telling others to stay away from you as now you only belong to her.

Licking and head rubs are some common ways for cats to claim and show their affection towards their human. So next time when you’re kitty is licking you, understand that it’s reaffirming that you are important to her.

3. They’re Happy With You

Another reason why your kitten starts licking you is that she wants to tell you that she feels loved and safe in your presence. She thinks of you as a member of her family and cleans you up, just as her mother used to clean her when she was a kitten. Here you cal also read about Cub Petting.

cats lick you because They’re Happy With You

4. They Want to Taste Things

Have you accidentally dropped something on your hands? Don’t be surprised if your cute furry friend is coming towards you slowly. Because she also wants to taste that thing or just wants to taste you. (Only your kitty knows the truth!)

 5. They’re ‘Cleaning’ You

You already know that when cats live in a group, they usually lick and groom each other. This is their kind of body cleaning, just like we shower every day to clean ourselves.

It is pretty common in cats. When your feline starts doing this, which means she thinks of you as her family member and wants to clean you just like other members of her family. Which is good for you, right?

cats lick you to clean you

6. To Get Your Attention

Whenever you start working on your laptop, your kitty starts licking you and other things? If yes, then the reason behind this is that she simply wants your attention! Yes, this is a pretty common reason why your cat is behaving like this.

When you forget to pet her or play with her, she wants to give you a reminder that you’re too busy in your work, and you forgot to cuddle with her. So next time, whenever she starts doing this, stop whatever you’re doing and play with her.

7. High Anxiety

This is probably not the positive one, but this may be the reason for your pet is licking you. A study shows that some felines get so nervous and stressed that they begin licking compulsively. This is a serious and mysterious condition known as feline hyperesthesia.

By licking, they want to comfort themselves whenever they feel stressed. Other compulsive cats might lick and suck on the fabric, plastic, or even your skin. If your kitty seems to lick continuously, try to cuddle her and comfort her.

How to Stop your Cat Licking You

How to Stop your Cat Licking You


Notice the signs when your kitten is about to begin licking or sucking. Before she starts, divert her attention to something else. Use a catnip toy and redirect her attention. If she doesn’t like catnip, try a treat-dispensing toy instead.

But if you notice that your kitty is compulsively licking you, some object, or herself to the point that it’s interfering with daily life. Then you should immediately consult your nearest vet.

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