best joint supplement for dogs

Dogs are known as one of the most active pets and companions you can have. Exceptional breeds are inactive or lazy, but they perform actively in emergencies or when something goes wrong. Here is the best joint supplement for dogs while bones get weaker and maintain your dog’s health.

However, at times, we forget that they are living beings and even the age and they too need attention when they are not healthy and young. It has been noticed that dogs get weak when their bones get weaker. This is when we need to realize that they need a joint supplement for a healthier life.

Nevertheless, finding the right and best joint supplement is not an easy challenge or task. You need to do a lot of research and seek accurate information and suggestions from veterinary doctors and other online or offline sources. So here we are, presenting you an entire blog on the right, from what are joint supplements to the best joint supplements for your dogs!

Let’s start with the scrap and learn what joint supplements are.

What Are Joint Supplements?

As dogs grow older, they become victims of joint pains and we need to address those health issues. They need special treatment and care. This is when you need to make some changes, some minute changes like their eating habits and exercise.

Joint supplements are the best relieving dose that helps them fight stiffness, pain and stimulate joint cartilage.

Why Are Joint Supplements Essential for Your Dogs?

As discussed earlier, once your dogs start aging, their bones get weaker, and they need help to maintain the energy and activeness in their bodies. Joint Supplements are the help they need to overcome and fight their joint pain and stiffness.

This won’t resolve joint pain and get their old strong bones back but will help them resist the pain and lead a healthy life.

Thus we must choose the right and the best joint supplements for dogs to provide them the right amount of energy and attention their bones and body needs. Let’s see which are the best joint supplements for dogs and what their features are.

Best Joint Supplements for Dogs!

Here are some of the top-rated and highly recommended Joint supplements for your dogs, which are readily available at pet stores or online websites:

VETIQ Maximum Strength Hip and Joint Supplement for Dogs, Chicken Flavored Soft Chews

best joint supplement for dogs

Brand Name: VetlQ

Quantity: 1.42 Pounds

Age Recommendation: Adult Breed

Flavor: Chicken

Detail information about the supplement:

  • This joint supplement has 180 chews or serves per bag that will completely support your dog and boost their joint health.
  • Almost all the vets thoroughly recommend this product.
  • 600mg Glucosamine, 210mg krill per serving, and 210mg MSM (2 soft chewings.)
  • Not too hard to chew, dogs can easily chew and swallow.
  • It can be given alone or with rice.
  • This is a triple active mixture that helps in lubricating joints, supports cartilage, and maintains the muscles’ sturdiness and strength.

YuMOVE Dog Joint Supplement, Hip and Joint Supplement for Dogs with Glucosamine, Hyaluronic Acid, and Green Lipped Mussel

best joint supplement for dogs

Brand Name: YuMOVE

Quantity: 120 Tablets

Age Recommendation: Adult Dogs

Flavor: Green Lipped Mussel

Detail information about the supplement:

  • Naturally formulated joint supplement tablets for dogs who are facing hips and joint pain and problems.
  • This will provide relief and lubricate the joints, improve mobility and reduce the discomfort experiencing in their body.
  • This is a clinically proven, formulated tablet with Glucosamine HCI, Green Lipped Mussel, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Manganese Sulfate, Ascorbic Acid Vitamin E.
  • YuMOVE has accepted the challenge of helping dogs live a healthy and long life by providing them with the best naturally formed Joint Supplement.

Synovi G4 Dog Joint Supplement Chews, 240-Count, for Dogs of All Ages, Sizes, and Breeds

best joint supplement for dogs

Brand Name: Synovi

Quantity: 240 Counts

Age Recommendation: Young adults and adults.

Flavor: Chicken

Detail information about the supplement:

  • It has a unique combination of various ingredients that helps you provide joint health, antioxidant functioning, and muscle toning.
  • This joint supplement is made of; green-lipped mussel, Glucosamine, Turmeric, and Boswellia serrata.
  • This is easy to chew and is poultry flavored.
  • This helps in developing joints, daily mobility, and healthy hips.
  • You can give this directly or smash it and serve it with rice.

Solimo Dog Hip and Joint Supplement Soft Chews

best joint supplement for dogs

Brand Name: SOLIMO

Quantity: 6.34OZ (180g)/ 120counts

Age Recommendation: Small dogs and Adult Dogs

Flavor: Different Flavors.

Detail information about the supplement:

  • This joint supplement helps active joint functioning and healthy hips.
  • Each chew is 100mg of MSM, 100mg of Green Lipped Mussel, and 200mg of glucosamine.
  • Manganese and glucosamine in this formula will help maintain a healthy joint lubricating, which will help them for comfortable jumping, running, and other daily activities.
  • This is personally recommended for small dogs as they can easily chew this, it is soft for chewing.
  • For different weighted dogs, the dose is different per day.

Nutramax Dasuquin with MSM Soft Chews

best joint supplement for dogs

Brand Name: Nutramax dasuquin

Quantity: 84 Tablets

Age Recommendation: Large and Adult Dogs

Flavor: With MSM

Detail information about the supplement:

  • This is a comprehensive joint supplement for dogs with ASU, a plant lipid, and is safe and consumable for your dogs.
  • This has a decaffeinated Green Tea Extract and Boswellia Serrata that supports a healthy and inflammatory response.
  • This can be chewable by dogs, they are very soft, and you can even serve them with milk to taste good.
  • The dose should be recommended and directed by the vet according to the dog’s age and problem.

These were some of the excellent and reliable joint supplements that the vet recommends. If you plan to go for some other joint supplements, you should always look for the following ingredients.

  1. Glucosamine
  2. Hyaluronic Acid
  3. Co-Enzyme Q10
  4. Chondroitin
  5. YuccaSchidigera
  6. MSM
  7. Cod Fish Oil
  8. Claw root Extract
  9. Turmeric
  10. Salmon Oil
  11. Sodium Hyaluronate
  12. Spirulina

Some of the ingredients that your dog may not like or be able to digest, make sure you take care of those ingredients and avoid those supplements that have these ingredients.

  1. Soy
  2. Preservatives.
  3. Grain
  4. Artificial Colors.
  5. Artificial Flavors.

Symptoms That Your Dog Has Joint Pain

best joint supplement for dogs
  • Starts lacking energy
  • Makes unusual noises
  • Avoid movements and stays inactive

Keep a regular check on your dog. Sometimes, pets play smart at hiding their pain, which can later damage and affect their health. Maintain their wellbeing with a good and healthy diet and regular exercising.

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