How to Keep Dog Healthy

Regular exercise is necessary to stay fit and healthy. Dogs are no exception to this. Exercise is only one of your dog’s fundamental needs. Life gets occupied, and the majority of us neglect to give our dogs the activity they truly need. So today at Pets Nurturing we shall be talking about Keeping Your Dog Healthy.

By and large, most puppies ought to get 1-2 hours of daily activities to help keep them sound. Your dog may also require it but it also depends upon the age, breed, and tolerance of the dog. A senior Shih Tzu may simply need to daydream around on the couch while a grown-up Border Collie may do exercises for 4 hours every day and still need more.

No two dogs are the equivalent, so finding your puppy’s activity needs may require some experimentation. If all else fails, give your dog as much exercise as she needs, yet be mindful so as not to try too hard.


Dog Walking with girl

Walking is the great type of activity we will, in general, give to our dogs. In any case, that is alright, most dogs love to walk!  Notwithstanding getting some activity, a walk is an extraordinary route for your dog to investigate the world with her nose. Try not to surge it. Let your dog her set aside the effort to sniff around during the walk. Attempt to take an alternate course now and again so your dog will get the opportunity to see and smell new things.


Dog running

Running is an incredible type of activity for certain dogs. Not all dogs can endure this kind of activity, however, a few dogs basically can’t get enough! When you initially start running with your dog, make a point to begin gradually and slowly increase your way up to higher paces and longer separations. Abstain from running in hot temperatures.

Drink a lot of water during runs and choose a constant path which can be a park or a closed loop around a block. Taking breaks is important as running too much is also not good for health.


Dog Cycling

Few out of every odd dog is worked to keep running close by your bicycle. This can really be a risky time and again, for both you and your dog. Nonetheless, riding a bicycle with your puppy can be fun on the off chance that you do it right. The most essential thing is to begin gradually. Give your dog a chance to become used to the bicycle.

Next, let her adapt to running and staying aware of you. Ride slowly and gradually at first and then increase the speed and keep an eye on your dog so that it doesn’t fall back much and take proper breaks.


Dog Hiking

On the off chance that you love nature and you cherish dogs, at that point hiking with your dog may be ideal for you. Hiking allows your dog to investigate the world in a greater way than just a straightforward walk. When you initially start climbing with your dog, begin with brief day climbs on a cooler day.

Maintain a strategic distance from troublesome trails with a great deal of harsh landscape until your dog becomes accustomed to simple hikes and will be more confident with its footing. Bring a lot of water along. Your dog may even need her own bottle itself.


Dog Swimming

As opposed to mainstream thinking, not all dogs know how to swim. Different doges just don’t prefer to swim. In any case, in the event that you have a water dog, you know it. Give that dog a chance to swim. If its all the same to your dog and the water but yet, in addition, can’t swim, you can at present instruct her.

Begin with a made for dog lifejacket and shallow water until she gets the hang in swimming. In the event that she enjoys the water, soon she is fine individually. On the off chance that she doesn’t care for the water, don’t push it. She may very well be a land dog and not much water friendly.


Dog playing Games

There are numerous fun games you can play with your puppy, some of which will give some activity as well.  They are important in keeping your dog fit and can be done indoors and outdoors both. Popular games like fetch or catch the ball are very common. Games shall help you a lot in Keeping Your Dog Healthy.

 Keeping Your Dog Healthy

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