Best Guard Dogs

Dogs are the man’s best friend and there is no doubt about this fact. There are different choices of dogs that people prefer having and it is being said that you would at least get one or two varieties of dogs that would match perfectly according to your needs as well as preferences. These were the top 10 best guard dogs that you can check out and can choose one for you and can get your home protected as well.

Now there are mainly two kinds of dogs one is the toy dogs which are small toy-like cute dogs and another is guard dogs which include big muscular dogs who can serve different purposes. If you are among those who love guard dogs but cannot decide what to get for your home then here are some choices of guard dogs that you can choose for your home:

1. Pit bull

Pit bull dog

Pit bulls can be of different types such as American pit bulls, American Staffordshire bull terrier, and many more. This dog breed in particular is known for its bravery and because of that, it is banned in many countries. It is said that this dog breed is so protective as well as loyal. Its owner that even if the dog would assume small danger from any particular person. Then it won’t think twice but would attack that person. It is said that pit bulls are so confident that they can even fight with tigers without any such fear.

2. Cane Corso

Cane Corso dog

Cane Corso have a perfect muscular figure and is very strong and confident about them. This dog is so big and is very obedient towards their work that once you would teach him anything he would obey that forever. You need to take care of their weight as they tend to gain weight a bit faster so it is very important for you to keep them under regular workouts.

3. Huskies

Husky dog

Huskies are already very famous for their beauty and their pictures and video always go viral on social networking sites. Besides, the good looks huskies are great watchdogs and they are good with kids as well so you can trust your kids with them. They would take care of your kids and would make sure that your kids stay safe throughout the day. Make sure you do not keep them alone as loneliness can be a bit destructive for them.

4. Alaskan Malamutes

Alaskan Malamutes dog

This Alaskan Malamutes dog breed looks like huskies but is healthier as well as bigger than huskies. As they tend to gain weight faster so you need to keep them in their regular workout regime so that they could stay healthy. These dogs would help you on your farm or in your garden and are very good watchdogs so even a small change makes them alert and they would protect your house like a real guard.

5. Akita

Akita dog

This dog is no doubt adorable but doesn’t confuse their strength with their looks as they are a great watchdog that is strong enough to protect you as well as your house from small threats. They have their origins in Japan and they are medium size dogs with medium-size dense fur their small eyes make them look cute that it would be hard for you to hold yourself from not loving them.  

6. Hybrid wolf

Hybrid wolf dog

You might have guessed that this is a hybrid between a dog and a grey wolf. It cannot be denied that this dog breed seems like a wolf and they are strong enough. As they are a hybrid of a wolf with a dog so the nature of a wolf is quite strong in them. They would protect your house as their own as they love their territory and if their territory would be a challenge then they can be quite angry.

7. Rottweiler

Rottweiler dog

Rottweiler is one of the strongest dog breeds that you can have. They have well-developed muscular bodies and are fearless as well. Their tails often get ducked and it is done so that the weight of their tail could not be a barrier between them and their running speed. They can make a great watchdog that can protect your house nicely.

8. German shepherds

German shepherds dog

By the name German Shpeherd you might have guessed that they have their origins in Germany and they are famous and widely adopt for their high intelligence level, loyalty, and fearless nature. They need to be socialized early in their puppyhood otherwise they can turn ferocious. It is because of their fearlessness and intelligence that many force and police departments adopt them.

9. Doberman

Doberman dog

This dog is very famous for its alertness, loyalty as well as intelligence level. As they are quite intelligent so they tend to learn things faster than any other such dog breed. As they are obedient so training them is also quite easy but make sure you start their training in their puppyhood. After that, it might become a challenge to train them. They are not at all stranger friendly so they won’t entertain any strange thing. If seen around them rather they would attack immediately.

10. Tosa Inu

Tosa Inu dog

They are one of the tallest dog breeds that are strong enough that they can perfectly protect you. As well as can be a great watchdog for your house. This dog is so dangerous that many countries have banned their adaptation.

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