Cat Friendly Hotel

If you are a proud mommy or daddy of your kittens then you might not want to leave your baby home alone while holidaying but taking them along with you might be a task not because it is hard to get them through the journey part but because there are hotels that don’t welcome cat. It is always better to find Cat-Friendly Hotels if you are about to spend your holiday with your pet and fortunately there are some hotels that allow pets with love and care.

If you are wondering about some of such kind of hotels then here are some of them listed below that you need to check out and consider booking your room there along with your baby cat or cats. You can know more from Kitten Development.

Best Western

Best Western Cat-Friendly Hotels

No matter where you are traveling to but you can still find a chain or branch of this hotel as it has its branches in more than 4,000 different locations all over the world. They are not only a pet-friendly hotel but on the other hand, they would also guide you would how to live in a hotel with your pet and they would also advise you some Tips on Traveling with Your Pet. You would get some different facilities for your cat in this hotel that you cat would enjoy very much.

Motel 6

 Motel 6 Cat-Friendly Hotels

You would be amazed to know that this is the very first hotel that was friendly in the United States and so most people with pets used to stay in this hotel back then. Unlike other Pet-Friendly Hotels, this hotel would not cost you a huge amount of money for letting your pet in rather they try to keep the pet charged very low so that people continue to travel with their pets which seems to be a great thing for sure and with that, they also have Special Facilities for Pets.


Radisson Cat-Friendly Hotels

Radisson has so many locations and each location has different pet policies but most of them would accept your pet so if you are planning to stay in any of Radisson’s branch then it would be better for you to check out whether they are fine with your pet or whether or not they have all the desired facilities for your pet because while staying you would not want to compromise on any pet service. You would get a branch of this hotel in most of the locations which are a great thing for sure.

La Quinta Inn and Suites

La Quinta Inn and Suites Cat-Friendly Hotels

This hotel has very nominal pet policy which makes sure that your cat could get into the hotel and no matter whether you have a small kitten or a fully grown cat but they would still let your pet live in the hotel. They do have a pet fee which seems fine against the facilities that they have for pets which is a great thing for sure. They would assist your pet with delicacy and it is even better if your kitten is a socialized as well as well behaved one.

Red Roof Inn

Red Roof Inn Cat-Friendly Hotels

This is another pet friendly hotel that you can check out as they would let your kittens get in enjoy their stay as well but their policy varies from place to place since they have a hotel in many places around the world so it would be better for you to check out the policy of the place you are about to travel in.

There are some rules that you have to follow when you are getting in this hotel with your pet and the rules are made for your pet’s better security as well as for other people’s comfort. You would have to pay a little as pet fee against which your pet would be able to get some really cool facilities which seem to be a great thing.

Super 8

Super 8 Cat-Friendly Hotels

This hotel chain might get you confused as they have so many branches. Not all of them are pet-friendly however more of them would let your cat get in. It is always recommended that if you are planning to stay. At this hotel then do go through their official website to know. Whether they would let your cat get in or not.

Four Season

Four Season Cat-Friendly Hotels

This is not an entirely pet-friendly hotel. However, this is a cat-friendly hotel or you can bring any of your small pets. That can fit into a small cage as you might have to carry your pet in a cage while being in the hotel. They do not have any other such pet policies to be specific rather asking them about their pet policies. Before checking in seems to be a better idea.


Hilton Cat-Friendly Hotels

This is a nice hotel to stay in while you are carrying your pet. If your pet feels comfortable while being with you then this is the place to check in as this place.  There would let your cat stay in your room all the time. They do not have any hard pet rules rather they simplified it for the better of both the pet. The owner which is a great thing.


Marriot Cat-Friendly Hotels

Hotel Marriot is almost everywhere around the globe. So, no matter where you are traveling to but you would still end up finding a branch of Hotel Marriot. Where you can stay with your pet. They are so good with a pet that your pet would not find the place uncomfortable or strange. Which is a big thing.


Travelodge Cat-Friendly Hotels


Travelodge is own by the owner of super 8. So, it has similar policies as super. If you once enjoy being in super 8. Then you as well as your pet would love being in Travelodge as well. They have simple pet policies. However, not all of their locations would let your cat get in.

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