Do Cats get Lonely

Cats are the most preferred pets over dogs because of one simple reason that is cats are said to be very independent and would rarely need anyone to stay happy rather they love being on their own playing and spending alone time without any interference but we wonder how much this statement is true because cats are social creatures as well just like dogs and dog cannot simply stay alone so how can we assume that cats love to stay alone? If you are wondering about whether or not Do Cats Get Lonely then here is everything that you need to know about Cat Depression:

Well, the fact is different from what we assume it to be and in reality cats do need some attention and can feel lonely at the same time. However, they are not as expressive as dogs so we are less likely to feel their loneliness.

Do Cats Get Lonely?

Do Cats get Lonely

This has to be the most wondered question of any cat owner or lover and the answer to this question has to be yes and the worst part is that cats suffer from loneliness because of us only. Most of us assume cats to be an unsocial animal who love their own company and would love to avoid humans in general but the reality is far from this biased assumption and that is the reason that most cats are left alone and here is when all the problems get started.

How Social Can Cats get?

Do Cats get Lonely

Cats are often assumed to be animals who would love to be lonely and this happens because Cat Hunt Small Animals on their own and for that, they stay quiet and patient for a long time in a particular position and here is when people assume that cats enjoy this state of being alone. People mostly get individual cats at home but if you would look around the wild cats then you would be able to see that wild cats roam and hunt in groups which directly mean that cats love company.

Cats as an Individual

Do Cats get Lonely

One bad thing about cats is that they would hardly care for other cats so often it happens that one cat gets off the group easily and other cats of the group would not even bother to find that cat. However, this thing varies from cats to cat and if you would raise your cat to be highly socialized then your cat would not behave in this way but in case a kitten would not raise well then the cat would lack in sociability so the cat may behave wild and careless among other cats.

How Long you can Leave Your Cat Alone

 Do Cats get Lonely

It is a fact that cats can be left alone for more time than any other pet animals and there are valid reasons for this fact because cats are more active and they do not need outdoor workouts on a regular basis and moreover cats are more like couch potatoes so they would like to stay back at home relaxing all the time. They know how to get groomed so they are less likely to Take Human Help for Grooming them and here is how they lack in human attention as well.

There are Some Signs that You would have to Look After if You Want to Know Whether Your Cat is Lonely or Not
Do Cats get Lonely

Identifying the loneliness of your cat is very important and you should not ignore this fact otherwise this small ignorance can get your Cat Depression and this is the worst condition ever. Most of the cat owners often ask this question that Can Cat get Depressed. Well, this differs from cat to cat because their tolerance level matters a lot here in this condition and as much your cat would be able to tolerate this loneliness less she would get depressed.

Expressive Vocalization

Do Cats get Lonely

We love to hear cats meowing and they do meow often but if this would exceed the normal meowing. That they do on normal days then this is a clear sign that your cat is facing depression. She is very lonely at the same time. You would have to be attentive in this case. You would have to make out whether your cat is making more noise than usual or not. If you would find out that the noise is too much. Then it is the time that you should give some times to your cat.

Behavior Change

Do Cats get Lonely

Now we all know that cats can groom themselves without any help. But in case they are feeling lonely so they would not give any attention towards their body. Fur in a hope that their master would look up to them. For grooming and in this process sometimes cats even start losing furs. Their skin condition gets worse than ever.

Here you cat can also become quite destructive and to grab your attention you cat can start breaking things. So that sound can produce so you would look up to them. This is so unfortunate to know that loneliness can completely take over their life. If the cat would feel alone then the cat can even stop eating so she would lose weight drastically. Which is very saddening.

How to get Over the Loneliness of a Cat

Do Cats get Lonely

Now there are certain ways to cope up with the loneliness of the cat. The best way is to get another cat. So, that they can play and spend time together. You can even try spending at least two or three hours with your cat. While giving him some back scratch that they love. You can also try to teach cats at this time so that cat depression can get eased. Your cat would get easily trained at the same time which is a great thing for sure.

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