Reasons Why Your Cat Is Peeing In Your Bed By Ignoring The Litter Box

While having a pet is wonderful as you get a new companion and cats prove to be the best ever pets and they are also popular among many other pets. Unfortunately, there are several reasons that make any cat owner annoyed and the very common and most irritating reason is that cat pee on a […]

cat head shaking like parkinson's?

Is Your Cat Shaking His Head Like Parkinson’s? Here’s why

Is your cat head shaking like parkinson’s? Whenever there is a frequent shaking of the head in our cute feline friend, it is a matter of concern for us, which might look like the symptom of Parkinson’s disease in human beings. It can be related to various medical issues related to ears and other body […]

How long can a cat go without food

How long can a cat go without food?

Proper nutrition is essential for the healthy living and functioning of any animal. Felines, irrespective of their age or breed need to have regular and proper intake of food and water on a daily basis. Not having food or water can prove to be detrimental to their health and can have several physical and emotional […]

longest living cat breeds

The list of longest living cat breeds

Planning of getting a longest living cat breeds? Here are the means by which it goes: She will come into your life as a wide-peered toward little cat and before long change your home into a wilderness of her own one of a kind as she worms her way into your heart as no one […]

indoor cat breeds

The best 4 indoor cat breed

The overwhelming majority of the breeds of our domestic cats are called an indoor cat breed, which means that they need freedom, either by means that of getting a cat flap so they will come back and go as they please. Additionally, certain breeds of cats are naturally higher suited to associate degree indoor-only life […]

how far along is my cat!

How far along is my cat?

From many cat owners, we have heard a common question, and that is how far along is my cat! Cats have periods of peak fertility after they will become pregnant – this is often referred to as being in season or in heat. Cats will acquire season regarding once each 3 weeks, thus there are […]

smallest cat breeds

The small cat breeds for small cat lovers

We cannot deny the cute-appeal of the kitten, whereas all cats are lovely and adult cats have a plain grace and charm all of their own; several cat house owners retain wistful recollections of the kitten stage of their cat’s life, and need that their cats might have remained diminutive and petite for simply a […]

Russian blue kittens for sale

Russian blue kittens for sale

The Russian Blue encompasses a name as a delicate, quiet cat, somewhat keep, however, do not get the wrong plan. This cat might have a reserved nature, however, he likes to play (being particularly keen on retrieving) and enjoys jumping or rise too high places wherever he will study individuals and things at his leisure […]

large house cat breeds

The largest domestic cat breeds in the world

The domestic cats that we all know and love these days are all traditionally descended from African wildcats, and over the course of millennia, cats have unfolded to any or all corners of the world and established themselves into distinctive breed subsections and classes as a result. Consequently, completely different breeds and kinds of cats […]

The best grain-free cat food of 2018

Many cat house owners have plenty of questions on a grain free diet for cats and also on the best grain free cat food.In this guide, we will answer these queries and suggest a number of the most effective grain-free cat foods presently accessible.Many cat house owners have plenty of questions on a grain free […]